School of Culture and Communication

1.      General Information

As one of the youngest departments in CUEB, School of Culture and Communication was founded in April 2011. Developing out of College of Humanities, it consists of “3 faculties and one research center”----Department of Advertising, Department of Communication, Chinese Language and Literature Department, Art Department and Experimental Teaching Center of Media Teaching. School of Culture and Communication has 5 research institutes, one led by the University (Institute of Advertising), the other four led by the School (Institute of Culture Communication, Institute of Culture Industry Development, Institute of Beijing Culture, Institute of Culture and Art).

Since the establishment, it continues to maintain a sound momentum of growth.


       BA in Advertising

       BA in Communication
 BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

BA in Advertising was founded in 1994, BA in Communication in 2004, BA in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2011. The former two majors have a relative long history in China. So far, there are about 650 undergraduates in these three majors in CUEB.

Sticking to the school objective’ Located in Beijing, Serve for Beijing’, the school aims at training versatile communication practitioners and scholars in advertising and communication who are humanism, innovative and full of teamwork spirit, with a great world vision, are familiar with government policies and regulations, understand and master the new technology, and have a solid command of foreign languages. The development is enhanced by CUEB’s rich economic related resources and multi-discipline combined advantages.

Because of the reasonable positioning, graduates from the department are welcomed by many companies, and most of them has been the backbone of their companies. In 2012, the employment rate of our School has reached 100%.

2.      Faculty and Administration

The faculty members include: 46 in service teachers, 38 Full time teachers, 5 Professors, 17 Associated Professors, 14 Instructors. Over 75% of teachers have a PhD or a master degree.

3.      Teaching and research 

Since the founding of the school, three courses like Advertising Culture and Creativity have been elected as CUEB’s classic courses and four self-complied textbooks elected as CUEB’s classic textbook. Besides, there are 8 education reform programs in the department. In order to meet the needs of international talents training, there will be more bilingual courses and English courses.

School of Culture and Communication has a strong research ability. In these two years, the school is responsible for research programs entrusted by Ministry of education, Beijing Education Committee, the Departments of the State Council and some enterprises and public institutions. A lot of academic papers from the school were published on core periodicals which achieved fruitful research results.

4.      Students

The students bear a high humanistic quality and excellent professional skills. In recent years, students achieved good results on some national contest or contest among Universities in Beijing.

To train students professional skills, the School has established Calligraphy training camp, Photography studio, and Graphic design studio in the hope of motivating students’ interest and helping them practice more. And the students and teachers are actively participated in the reporting of CUEB’s special events which is a stream of essential strength of the propaganda of campus culture.

To train compound advertising and communication talents who have international cooperative competition advantages under the globalized world, since 2004, about 50 students have been sent to American State University, Park University , and Taiwan Providence University as exchange students and they all got good grades there.

5.      Contacts:

Tel: 0086-010-83951677