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Office of Construction

The Division of Infrastructure Construction, an administrative department of CUEB, is in charge of formation and implementation of campus construction general plans, procedures regarding land acquisition and building demolition, supervision of the duration, quality and investment of individual sub-projects. Its mission is to build quality infrastructure at reasonable costs so as to facilitate university operation.

The Division is staffed with 11 members, including 1 director, 1 vice director, 1 chief engineer and 8 administrators. Under the Division are 4 offices—General Office, Pre-project Office, Project Management Office and Campus Planning and Land Acquisition Office. Specifically, the General Office is responsible for routine administrative work and the collection, organization and lending of construction files; the Pre-project Office, for pre-project procedures, coordination of designs, tendering and bidding management, contract management, progress payment regarding new projects supporting facilities and major repair projects; the Project Management Office, for construction supervision, project acceptance, documents transfer and services within warranty period; the Campus Planning and Land Acquisition Office, for formation and revision of campus construction general plans, procedures prior to land acquisition and the coordination of demolition.