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Office of Logistics Services
The Division of Logistics Services, an administrative department of CUEB, provides logistical services to faculty and students so as to facilitate research, learning and teaching. Its vision is to advance education with excellent services, effective management and a favorable environment. Based on the university’s developmental needs, the Division devises logistics services plans and system work plans. It also strives to achieve excellence in the management, supervision and coordination of logistical efforts and to strengthen CUEB’s connections to related government agencies as well as other off-campus institutions. 

Under the Division of Logistics, there are four offices and five centers. The four offices are General Office, Project Management Office, Energy-saving Office, Quality Supervision Office, and the five centers are Main Campus Property Management Center, Hongmiao Campus Property Management Center, Student Dormitory Management & Service Center, Transportation Service Center and Catering Center. 

Since CUEB embarked on its enterprise to achieve scientific development and build a “top in China and renowned in the world” university of finance and economics, the Division has been endeavoring to set up “a logistics services system qualified to serve a top domestic university.” Under the wise leadership of CUEB Party Committee and university administrators, the Division has been stepping up its integrated service capabilities by building and upgrading infrastructure, strengthening the team, enhancing internal management and innovating systems and mechanisms.