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Labor Union

1.      General Information

The Labor Union of CUEB, also known as the CUEB committee of China Educational Labor Union, is a mass organization voluntarily formed by the university faculties, which usually acts as a bond between college party committee and the university staff. Focusing on the college central task, the Labor Union has held various activities in order to promote the welfare of the faculty members. It also plays an important role in ensuring teachers' legal rights and interests, improving the college democratic management and strengthening the construction of faculty and campus culture.


2.      Main Responsibilities

l  Based on the "Labor Union Law" and "Chinese Labor Union Constitution“ , to implement the resolutions and work independently centering on the central task under the leadership of Party Committee of the university and Higher-Level Labor Unions.

l  To strictly fulfill the four functions of Labor Union and make every effort to act as the bridge of communication between Party and Masses, so as to encourage more faculty members to make contribution to the reform and development of CUEB.

l  To make more faculty members involved in the college democratic management and supervision, so as to enhance their awareness and ability of political participation.

l  To keep a close relationship with the faculty members and devote to gaining an insight of their needs and requirements.

l  In charge of the organization and operation of Teacher's Representative Committee and Worker's Representative Committee, and ensure the implementation of relative resolutions and proposals.

l  To develop recreational and sports activities among the faculty members, so as to enrich their life and promote the construction of college spiritual civilization as well.

l  To give assistance and supervision on the assurance of teachers' welfare and labor protection, especially the maintenance of female staff's special benefits.

l  To reinforce self-construction on organization and ideology, in the meantime, to improve relevant conference systems and make rational use of the expenditure under the supervision of the Fund Inspection Committee of Labor Union.

l  To fulfill other tasks assigned by the Party Committee of the university and Higher-Level Labor Unions.


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