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Mi Xin Li

Professor Xinli Mi (MI, Xinli), adviser for postgraduate students, deputy-dean of the School of Law.

Education Experience

Ph.D. in Laws

Research Field

Civil Law, Torts Law and Commercial Law

Research Achievements

Professor Mi was chief editor for the textbook Business Law: Principles and Case, which was received recognition as Beijing Excellent Teaching Material in 2011. She hosted or participated in a number of education reform programs, such as: “Compound and Application-type Talents Cultivation of Law Major: Problems and Suggestions.” She has published two books: A Study on Law Education in Beijing General Knowledge on Law and Legal Science Basics, and the latter is designated as National Appraiser Qualification Examination Reference book. She has directed and participated in 10 projects on bureau level and above, including: “Study on Legislative Issues of China's Agricultural Cooperatives,” supported by the National Social Science Foundation Project; “Study on Implementation Issues of China’s Farmers' Professional Cooperatives,” sponsored by the Ministry of Justice; “Study on the Civil Legal Liabilities of Intermediary Organization ---the Case of Accounting Firms,” supported by the Funding Project for Academic Human Resources Development of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education; “Study on legislative Issues of Beijing Agricultural Cooperatives,” by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education; “Legal Status of International Organization in Our Country,” by  the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Project. Meanwhile, she participated in 5 projects on bureau level, such as “Legal Issues Analysis on Agricultural Trade Remedy System” and “Reform and Exploration of Legal Talents Training Mode.” She has published nearly 40 academic theses on academic journals, such as Law Science, Legal Daily, Law Magazine, and National Judges College Law Journal and so on. Among the theses, the prominent finding is in the study on agricultural cooperatives. Her projects about the law of cooperatives supported by National Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Justice and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education had been well accomplished and highly praised. Her thesis: Study on the Legal Nature of Agricultural Cooperatives, an early theoretical research on the nature of agricultural cooperatives in legal circles, was adopted in full text by “Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives Law”. Another thesis: A Study on Surplus  Distribution  System of Farmer’s  Professional  Cooperatives  Law, a brief review of “Farmer’s Professional Cooperatives Law” in China, was reprinted by magazine file Civil Law and Commercial Law (2009, 2nd) , a photocopy resource of Renmin University of China. The above thesis also won CUEB’s excellent research achievement in 2010, and was regarded by the official website of General Office of National Supply and Marketing Cooperative as “one of the most detailed thesis about surplus distribution system of farmer’s professional cooperatives law in China.”


Entitled as distinguished teacher of CUEB, 2009

Honored as Beijing Backbone Young Talents, 2010

Prestigious Teacher of the seventh Beijing universities and institutions prominent teachers award, 2011

Organizational Affiliation

Experts of Occupational Qualification Exam, National Development and Reform Commission,

Standing Trustee of Beijing Consumer Rights Protection Law Society,

Advisory group member of Industry and Commerce Bureau of Fengtai District