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Zhang Xue Ping

Professor Zhang Xueping, adviser of graduate students, Vice-president of School of Business Administration

Main Research Fields

Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Investment

Main Research Achievements

Since started to work in CUEB, she has published 3 academic books, includingAn Organic view on the Construction and Reconstruction on Enterprise Boundaries and StructureStudy on Equity Structure Design and Adjustment. She also published 16 papers in academic journals and newspapers, such as “On Organic Structuring of Business Group”, “Study on the Performance of Foreign Capital Mergers”, “A Financial Strategy Analysis on the Curve Merger Between Guomei and Dazhong”, “Analysis on the Potential of Cooperate Assets”, “Inter Control and Property Value Chains”, “Analysis on the Motivation of Industrial Capital Infusing into Finance Markets”, “China Securities Market and Culture, Ownership Structure Theory and Research Reviews”, “The Reliability of Asset Assessment”etc. She was in charge of one major horizontal project “Performance Appraisal and Decision Support System Design”, one bureau level project, “High-tech Enterprise Ownership Structure Design”. As main researcher she has taken part in the World Bank project “Study on the Promotion of Green Consumption System and Effectiveness in Beijing”, National Social Science Project “Study on Improving the Quality of Foreign Investment”, Ministry of Education Project “An Analysis on Accounting Strategy of Enterprise Merger and Acquisition”, a bureau level project “Research on Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Accounting”, and one horizontal project “Equity Allocation Scheme of Niujian Group etc.”

Organizational Affiliation

Financial Consultant

Accounting Expert

Proposition Expert of the Ministry of Personnel

Director of Association of Techno-economics and Management Modernization of Beijing