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Zhang Lian Cheng

Professor Adviser for Doctoral Students, President of Chinese Academy of Economics Experiment, Deputy Director, Degree-Granting Commission of CUEB. 

Academic Degrees

Advanced Research and Study, University of New England, 2004

M.A., Capital University of Economics and Business

Professional Experience

He has been teaching at CUEB (formerly named as Beijing Economics Institute) for over three decades. He served as the vice president of Department of Economics from 1998 to 2002, and the dean of School of Economics from 2002 to 2012. Besides, he performed the responsibility of the director of Graduate School from 2009 to 2011.

Main Research Fields

His research mainly focuses on economic growth, economic cycles and macro-economic policies. He published nearly 100 theses and over 10 monographs, textbooks, and translation works. His representative achievements include Research on Routes and Cycles of Chinese Economic Growth; Reflections on Stages and Appropriate Interval of Economic Growth; The Operation Law and Mechanism of Economic Cycles; Economics (textbook); and Managerial Economics (translated works). Five of his research achievements won first or second prize of Philosophical and Social Science Excellent Achievements Award sponsored by Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal.

Main Research Achievements

Professor Zhang Liancheng is a distinguished scholar specialized in economic growth and economic cycles. As a founder of long-term economic growth theory, appropriate interval of economic growth theory, and operation law and mechanism of economic cycles, he is the leading force in the field of macroeconomic analysis. His visionary propositions on economic policy had significant impact in academic circles. Since 1986, he has directed a number of social science foundation programs. Currently, he is directing the National Social Science Foundation Major Project “Research on Correctly Handling the Relationship between Steady yet Fast Economic Growth”, “Economic Structural Adjustment”, and “Inflation Management” (No. 12&ZD038). Meanwhile, he is the chief editor of Modern Foreign Economics Series for national economic theory research. In addition, he is dedicated to leading the national economic characteristic specialty construction, national economics internationalized talent training experiment area, and national economics core courses teaching team building.

Awards and Honors

He has won the honorary title of Prestigious Teacher, Outstanding Teacher in Beijing, and Outstanding CPC member since 2004. He has been the recipient of Special Government Allowances approved by State Council since 2011.

Organizational Affiliations

During his teaching work in university, he also perform the responsibility of the Director of Editorial Office, Director of Journalist Office and Director of Research and Development Office (successively) for National Economic Organization Post and Office of Economics Weekly, which is the China Federation of Economic Organization’s Organ, from 1981 to 1985;

Deputy Director and researcher, office of Reform of Urban Economic System in National Economic System Reform Institute, 1985-1987;

Standing Deputy Director, Institute of Urban Development in China Academy of Management Science, Associate Editor-in-Chief of Scientific Urban Studies, 1990-1995;

Member, Expert Committee of National Proficiency Test, 1993-2003;

Director, Chinese Economic Growth and Cycles Research Centre;

Member, Expert Committee & Secretary General of Executive Committee, Chinese Economic Growth and Cycles Forum;

Director, Research Centre of Quality of Life in Chinese Urban Areas;

Judge, China Economic Theories Innovation Award;

Assessment Expert, National Social Science Foundation Projects;

Assessment Expert, “Prominent Doctoral Candidates” Assessment Committee; Discipline assessment Committee, Academic Degree Authorization Verification Committee, National Key Discipline Assessment Committee of Ministry of Education;

Member, Beijing Science and Technology Award Professional Assessment Committee;

Assessment Expert, Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Outstanding Achievements Award;

Assessment Expert, Beijing Natural Science Foundation;

Member, Beijing Academic Degree Committee Discipline Assessment Group;

Director, vice-chairman, Research Centre of Foreign Economic Theories;

Director, vice-chairman, Beijing Economics Association;

Director, vice-chairman, Beijing Urban and Suburban Economy Research Centre.