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Fu Lei

Professor Fu Lei, doctoral student advisor, member of the academic committee, dean of academic committee of School of Accounting,

Working Experience

Professor Fu graduated from Beijing College of Economics and remained on the school staff after graduation in 1992. He served successively as associate director of accounting principle office of teaching and research, associate director and director of auditing office of teaching and research, vice dean of the School of Accounting, secretary of the party committee for the School of Accounting, and dean of School of Accounting.

Main Research Fields

Professor Fu mainly focuses on accounting theory and approach and has earned outstanding achievements in accounting history research.

Research Achievements

Professor Fu Lei has published over 90 academic theses in key domestic and overseas magazines, such as Accounting Research, Management World, as well as 8 papers and translated works, 14 textbooks. He presided over ten large-scale enterprise research projects on national level and ministerial/provincial level. At the end the 1990’s he was selected as prestigious scholar for the “first group of Chinese young accounting, financing and auditing scholars  in the 21st century”, identified by Ministry of Finance ‘s academic magazine Finance and Accounting.

Professor Fu Lei has devoted considerable time on researching accounting history. Using on-site investigations and data compilation of modern Chinese accounting historical materials, he has proposed several creative ideas on modern accounting. His academic paper Chinese Double Entry “Bookkeeping in the Early 20th Century” was published in the economics history magazine-- Business History Review (SSCI) sponsored by Harvard University, which attracted much attention from  scholars both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, he published a series of research on the evolution of enterprise accounting and financial management since the founding of new China. His research comprehensively and insightfully summarizes Chinese enterprise accounting and financial management in this era. His thesis “Thirty Years of Accounting History Research” won second prize excellent thesis award supported by Ministry of Finance, which analyzes accounting research progress since the founding of new China. Now he is devoted to the project “A Study on New China Accounting System Development and Evolution”, supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, andA history of New China Accounting System”, which is a key book of the national Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period . Professor Fu Lei’s academic research also involves financial accounting, certified public accountant auditing, and enterprise financial management, which have also made significant research achievements


Professor Fu Lei holds the honorary title of Beijing prestigious teacher for higher education, Beijing advanced accounting worker for a teaching and research series. He was the team leader of a Beijing key subject (accounting), Beijing unique specialty (accounting), Beijing outstanding teaching group (teaching group for accounting core curriculum). He has won several research achievement awards sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, Accounting Society of China, and was the winner of the first and second prize of Beijing Teaching Achievements Awards (for higher education). His courses Accounting and Accounting Basics were selected as Beijing elite courses. The students he instructed twice won Yang Jiwan Accounting Graduate Thesis Award.

Organizational Affiliations

Director of China Audit Society

Director of China Institute of Internal Audit

Chairman of Accounting History Professional Committee in Accounting Society of China

Member of the Registration Management Committee of China Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Executive Director of the China Commercial Accounting Institute

Executive Director of Beijing Commercial Accounting Institute

Appraisal Expert of National Social Science Foundation Research Program

Evaluation Expert of Ministry of Education Social Science Research Program