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Ding Cheng Ri

Education Background

Professor Ding, Chengri is a Ph.D. in regional planning. He taught successively in Cleveland State University, Texas A&M University, and University of Maryland. In 2012, he was chosen for the Beijing Overseas Talent Aggregation Short-term Program.

Main Research Fields

His main research fields are urban economics, city policy, land policy, city planning, city administration, policy and planning analysis. He has published over 20 academic papers in world-class journals, 5 Chinese books, and dozens of Chinese papers. He was selected as director of the International Real Estate Tax Society In 2006. In addition, he services as a consultant and distinguished expert in many international and domestic institutes (e.g. World Bank, China Development Bank, City and Small Town Reform and Development Research Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, City and Environment Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Science), and also visiting professor or guest professor at many colleges and universities. He started to be in charge of establishing and directing the China division of the Lincoln Land Policy Research Institute (2003-2008) which later became the PKU-Lincoln Land Research Center in 2001.