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Ma Shuang Ge

Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics of Yale University

Education Experience

Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Wisconsin, July, 2004

Main Research Fields

Professor Ma Shuangge’s research focuses on Biostatistics, Survival Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, and Data Mining, proposing and developing new methods for a number of high-dimensional data dimensionality reduction and variable selection. He also studies the application of these methods in bioinformatics, genomics, and financial engineering. Meanwhile he has proposed new semi-parametric methods involving right-censored and interval-censored data, while developing a new semi-parametric estimation and inference method, including in particular a semi-parametric model of penalty estimates and weighing guidance. Currently the approaches he proposed have important significance in the identification of genes that cause cancer and mental illness and treatment options. Practical applications were achieved in genomics of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and mental disorders. Meanwhile the constructed data analysis approaches have been applied in financial engineering and financial risk infection, and have provided effective support for solution of practical problems. During the past five years, he has published more than 80 theses in foreign authoritative journals and core academic journals. He has accomplished more than 20 conference papers. In addition to his theoretical research, he also pays attention to the scientific, social, and economic value of the research.