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An Shu Wei

Professor An Shuwei, School of Urban Economy and Public Administration, doctoral student adviser, the tenth CPPCC member of Shanxi province
Educational background
Professor An Shuwei is a Ph.D. in economics. He graduated from Shanxi Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Nankai University, earning a BA in Science in 1990, MA of Science in 1996, and Doctor of Economics in 2003, respectively. During 2003 to 2006 Professor An pursued his postdoctoral work in the Industrial Economics Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science. From April 2011 to May 2012 he was sent abroad as a visiting scholar in University of Toronto in Canada. In 2000 because of his exceptional performance he was promoted from assistant to associate professor. He again promoted to full professor in 2004, also because exceptional performance.
Main research fields
Professor An’s work is now focused on the study of urban and regional development and administration.
Research achievements
He was in charge of two National Social Science Foundation Programs, one major bidding project for the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base of the Ministry of Education, three bidding projects for the National Development and Reform Commission, one Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation Program, one Humanities and Social Science Research Program for the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, one program for the Soft Science Program of Shaanxi province, and one program for the Soft Science Program in Shanxi province. He also participated in over 40 research programs sponsored by UNDP, the Office of Western Development of the State Council, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. He had published 23 books (including as co-author), including Research on China Provincial Boundary Zones Economic Development, Economic Theory on Administrative Regional Edge, Research on China Metropolitan Areas Administration, Chinese Regional Economy in the National “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” Period. At the same time, he has published over 180 research papers, mainly in academic journals, such as China Industrial Economics, China Soft Science, and Economic Perspectives.