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Cheng Hong

Professor Hong Cheng (CHENG, Hong), born in 1957, Doctor of Arts, Professor of the English Department of CUEB, member of the school academic committee.

Main research field

Her study mainly focuses on English teaching and research, nature writing, and eco-criticism.

Main research achievements

Her treatise Wilderness is the first systematic introduction to and comment on American nature writing, published by SDX Joint Publishing Company in 2001, and followed by a revised version in 2011. She has also translated some nature writing works: Wake-Robin, The Outmost House, Refuge: An unnatural history of family and place, which are three American nature writing masterpieces, and later collected in 2012 as the Collection of American Nature Writing Classics together with another translated works Singing Wilderness by SDX Joint Publishing Company. In 2006, she participated in compiling Keywords to Western Literature which was published by the Foreign Teaching and Research Press. She wrote separately in that book two academic theses about western literary schools: Nature Writing and Eco-criticism, which is the first time for western new literary schools to be introduced in domestic theoretic reference book.


As invited, she hosted a column named Reread Nature in Lens (a monthly cultural review magazine), aiming to introduce systematically western nature writing masterpieces. She contributed articles regularly in this magazine. Based on the column writings, she published a treatise Priceless Peace: on American and English Nature Literature, which was then published by Shanghai People’s Publishing House in 2009. In addition, her academic theses about nature writing and eco-criticism were published in some journals such as Reading, Foreign Literature, literature and art and so on.


Her translated works are also abundant, mainly focusing on literature and biography, such as: Yes Minister, Dachau’s Song: Biography of Herbert Zipper, Death Operating Room, and The Secret History. She had a lot of academic theses published, such as: A tentative study of background teaching; A comparative study and comprehensive application of extensive reading teaching method; English speech and the training of speaking skills; Time limit and efficiency—enriching teaching connotation of listening class, Discussion on 21st century college English textbook; and The practice of graduate students integrated English class. Her academic writings cover both graduate students and undergraduate students teaching, including intensive reading, extensive reading, speaking, listening, textbook research, new course study, etc. In recent years, she was dedicated to the research projects about Nature Writing and Eco-Criticism. Her devotion has won the support of Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Personnel scientific research advanced program for returned scholars, and Beijing Outstanding Talent Cultivation Foundation.

Awards and Honors

She was twice selected as Ten Top Teachers by students of CUEB. She has won the honorary title of Beijing University Key Young Teacher, Outstanding Teacher in CUEB. She is the winner of the second prize of Beijing Teaching Achievements Awards and the Third Beijing Universities and Colleges Social Science Research Excellent Achievements Awards for Young and Middle-Aged Teachers.