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Cui Ye Guang

Professor Cui Yeguang, doctoral student adviser, assistant president and dean of School of Accounting.

Research fields

Professor Cui mainly specializes in financial statement analysis, intangible assets accounting, computer accounting, teaching and research of financial accounting for high-tech enterprises. His research areas for doctoral candidates are financial accounting for high-tech enterprise.

Organizational affiliation

Consultant for Accounting Standard Committee, Ministry of Finance

Associate Director of Environment Accounting Professional Committee, China Accounting Society

Expert for Clean Fund Risk Management Committee, Ministry of Finance

Associate Secretory- General, Executive Director of Beijing Accounting Association

Member of Academic Committee of China Foreign Trade Accounting Association

Director of Beijing General Accountants Society

Director of Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Senior Member of Accounting Society of China

Senior Member Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Expert for Beijing Accreditation Council of Senior Accountant Specialization Qualifications

Expert for Beijing Fiscal Expenditure Performance Appraisal Committee

Expert for Internal Control Expert Committee of Beijing Enterprise and Institute

Expert for Bank Credit Evaluation Committee of World Bank

Contributing Editor of Accounting Research, Accounting Society of China

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of International Finance and Accounting, Hong Kong International Accounting Association

Independent director of several domestic listed companies


He was entitled the Prominent Young Key University Teacher in the Beijing higher education system in 1994, won the honorary title of prominent teacher in Beijing education system in 1996, Beijing excellent accounting worker in 2008, prestigious teacher of CUEB in 2009 and in 2010, and won the title of research model in CUEB.

Main academic achievements

Recent years, Professor Cui presided over 10 research grants supported respectively by National Social Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Beijing Social Science Planned Program, and so on. He wrote over 30 books and textbooks, and edited a dozen of books, published more than 70 academic theses in some authoritative publications, such as: Accounting Research, Public Finance Research, International Finance and Accounting. He has published more than 2 million words. In addition, he was also awarded several achievement awards.

I.                    Representative projects:

1.       Project leader, “Research on research and development(R&D) index construction and application evaluation”, supported by National Social Science Foundation, 2014,

2.       Project leader, “Construct chief financial officer system for domestic enterprises”, supported by Ministry of Finance Key Program, 2012,

3.       Project leader, “A study on research & development (R&D) performance evaluation for Beijing industrial enterprises”, supported by State Council Economic Census Major Program, 2006,

Second prize, excellent achievement award, first national economic census key program evaluation,

4.       Project leader, “An empirical study on research expenditure performance of national high-tech enterprises”, supported by Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Research Program, 2010.

II.                 Academic  theses:

1.       Third prize of the excellent research achievements of Accounting Society of China, “Cyber age, view of time and space for accountants”, Accounting Research, 2000.3, ,

2.       Third prize of the excellent research achievements of Accounting Society of China, “The features of Intangible assets and the choice of valuation methods”, Accounting Research, 1999.2,

3.       Second prize of excellent paper of China Association of Chief Financial Officer, “Cost method of accounting in national high-tech enterprises urgently need to be improved”, Research  on economics and management, 2005.11,

4.       “Challenge and innovation: a rational thinking based on information society”,  Accounting Research, second author, 2007.2,

5.       “A tentative analysis on R&D performance evaluation of Beijing industrial enterprises”, Public Finance Research, 2007,6

6.       “The property issue of online accounting service”, Accounting Research, second author, 2011.12,

7.       First prize of annual excellent academic paper of Beijing Accounting Association, “The current situation and thinking on R&D investment for China high-tech industry”, Research on economics and management, 2012.7,

8.       “Research on the current situation of intangible assets for China high-tech industrial listed company”, Research on Accounting, 2013.3,

III.               Representative treatises

1.       Chief editor of the textbook, Advanced accounting, (revised version), Capital University of Economics and Business Publishing House, 2004, won first prize for Beijing excellent teaching achievements,

2.       Chief editor of the textbook, The Analysis of Financial Statements, (revised version), Nankai University Publishing House, 2012, a designated textbook for eight financial institutes nationwide,

3.       “A study on the research expenditure performance of high-tech enterprises”, Economic Science Press,2009,

4.       “The current situation, performance and countermeasure on the research investment of China high-tech enterprises”, Economic Science Press, 2014.