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Duan Xia

Professor Xia Duan (DUAN, Xia), adviser of doctoral students, Dean of the School of Urban Economy and Public Administration, discipline leader of interdisciplinary academic subject for urban economy and strategy management.

Education Background

Professor Duan graduated from International Politics Department, Renmin University of China in 1988, and was conferred a masters’ degree in economics, and later achieved a Ph.D. in law.

Research field

Professor Duan has devoted a long time to the research of comparative study of international relations, globalization, and regional development strategy.  She had completed several influential academic theses, such as Globalization and Profound Changes in Urban Area (1999), World Urban Indicator System Research Based on a Panoramic Observation (2011).  Her influential treatises published include: “World Urban Development Strategy Research—Based on Beijing City,” “Capital Internationalization Process Report,” and “China Diplomatic Space Expansion.”

Research grants

Professor Duan was in charge of the Beijing Municipal Chinese Characteristic World City Research Base, affiliated to Beijing Social Science and Natural Science Coordination Innovation Research Base. Her major responsibility is to offer consulting service, personnel training and project research by organizing interdisciplinary teams for Chinese city internationalization development strategy. She lead the project: “A study on Beijing building world city indicator system construction and the direction of effort,” supported by the major consulting projects entrusted by Beijing Municipal leaders, and “On the target, focus and measures of improving Beijing internationalization level as a capital city,” the early stage of the “twelfth five-year plan” period program, supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform. Some of her research achievements were adopted by Beijing municipal government.

The undergraduate students’ courses she teaches include: Contemporary Economy and Politics, an Introduction to International Relations, and Public Administration, while also teaching the graduate courses of: Study on the Hot Issue of International Economy and Politics, and Study on City Internationalization Strategy. She takes the lead in domestic “two courses” three-dimension construction, and takes the role as project leader in the project of “Contemporary International Economy and Politics,” a multi-media courseware development program and construction project of teaching resources website supported by the Ministry of Education. The textbook she edited, Contemporary International Economy and Politics, published by Higher Education Press, was promoted nationally as an important textbook and website course. She has also won the Beijing teaching achievement award three times in teaching reform projects, and the first prize in multi-media contests for universities and colleges in Beijing.


Professor Duan has won the honorary title of prestigious teacher of CUEB. In 2011, she was selected as a candidate of Beijing new century social science theory talent “Hundred People Project,” and was chosen as Beijing’s “Education Innovation Project Model” in 2004. The following year she won “Beijing Advanced Worker” honorary title. In 2009, she was selected as the “Four-Notch Talent” for Beijing propaganda and culture system, and was conferred the “Star of Theoretical Propaganda” by Beijing municipal party committee propaganda department in 2012.