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Jiang San Geng

Professor Jiang Sangeng, Adviser of Doctoral Candidates, Vice-Dean of Megacity Economic and Social Development Institute at CUEB, and Executive Director of Beijing Philosophical and Social Science CBD Development and Research Base.

Main Research Fields

Professor Jiang Sangeng specializes in regional economics and theory of CBD development. He has undertaken over 20 national and provincial projects for government research, such as the “Strategy Research on Preventing the Beijing Economy from Financial Risks;” the “Beijing Finance Industry Development and Reform Research—Building the Modern Financial System Adapted to the Demand of Capital Economic Development;” the “Chinese Major Central Business District Modern Service Industry Aggregation Study;” and the “Comparative Study on International CBD Development” sponsored by the Beijing Administrative Organization Department, Beijing Municipal Education Commission Planned Projects. Jiang has published over 20 books and 80 theses, such as “China Regional Finance and Development Study,” “Metropolis Modern Finance Industry Development, Central Business District Study,” and the “Development and Characteristics of Major Chinese CBDs.” His academic achievements have won second prize in the 9th and 11th Philosophical and Social Science Excellent Achievement Awards, as well as Excellent Research Achievement award at CUEB. He is the executive leader of the Beijing Academic Innovation Team for “Beijing Construction Study” and “Beijing Financial Center Construction.”

Meanwhile, he was chosen as the member of the Beijing First Cross-Century Theoretical Talents “Hundred-People Project” and member of Beijing Hundreds of Theoretical Talents. He was awarded the honorary title of Excellent Key Young Teacher, Outstanding Teacher, Research Model, and Prestigious Teacher at CUEB.

Organizational Affiliations

Standing Director, China Society of Urban Economics;

Standing Director, China Marketing Association;

Standing Director, China Institute of Commerce and Economy;

Director, China Price Research Institute;

Executive Director, Beijing Financial Institute and Beijing International Financial Institute.