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Liu Li Ming

Professor Liu Liming, Doctoral Student Adviser

Main research fields

Operations Research and Its Optimization Methods, Applied Mathematical Statistics, the Theory and Approach Model of Financial Systems and Social Security Systems.

Research projects and grants

“Game Analysis on Fiscal System”, project for National Natural Science Foundation;

“A Statistical Study of the Current Social Welfare System for the Poor Urban Population in China”, National Social Science Foundation project;

“Research on Revenue Capacity Calculation Method”, Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project, “Minimum Living Guarantee for Low-income Population in Beijing”, Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Research Major Project;

“Balance of Payments Analysis of Rural Pension Insurance and System Standards Measurement Study in Beijing”, Beijing Natural Science Foundation project;

“On Financial Transfer Payments for the Balanced Development of Compulsory Education”, Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Foundation Project, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Planning project;

“A New Approach to Economic Forecast and Policy Research”, general project of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education;

“Treasury Financial Early-Warning System Software Database Design”, Ministry of Treasury Scientific Research Horizontal project;

“Investigation of Minimum Income in Beijing”, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Investigation project;

“Survey and Analysis on Beijing Insecurity Elderly in Beijing”, Beijing Municipal Commission of Human Resources and Social Security project;

“Research on Security Housing Construction and Housing Problems of Low-income Families in Chaoyang District”; “Research on the Elderly Population Structure and Pension Model in Chaoyang District”, “Analysis on Compulsory Education Resources Demand in Chaoyang District”, 2010 Census Late Development Series Project for Chaoyang District Bureau of Statistics;

“Game Model of Beijing Water Distribution”; Game Analysis and System Design of Regional Ecological Cooperation, Beijing Water Division

Research projects

“System and Model of Agricultural Science and Technology Investment”, Agricultural Science and Technology Development Program of National Soft Science Foundation project;

“‘Three Rural Issues’ and Fiscal Policy”, National Soft Science Research Projects;

“Finite Element Parallel Algorithms and Software of Distributed Environment Dynamic Analysis”, National Natural Science Foundation Project;

He has published more than 60 papers in academic journals, as well as three academic research books.

Main Courses

Courses for doctoral students include Advanced Mathematical Statistics and Quantitative Economic Analysis. Courses for graduate students are Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis, Economic Game Theory, Bayesian Theory, Operations Research and Application. Professors Liu’s MBA class is Data, Models and Decisions.

Organizational affiliation

Executive trustee, Operations Research Society in Beijing,

Executive trustee, Beijing Municipal Statistical Association,

Member of the Sub-committee for Statistical Methods Standardization in the Chinese Statistical Methods Standardization Technical Committee