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Lv Shu Ran

Professor Lv Shuran, Ph.D. Engineering, Doctoral Student Adviser

Education and work experience

Graduated from Department of Mining Engineering, Hebei Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Engineering, 1987

Graduated from the School of Land and Resources of Kunming University of Science and Technology, Master of Engineering, 1990   

Graduated from the Department of Engineering Mechanics of School of Astronautics of Beijing Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in Engineering, 2004 

Professor Lv is the deputy director of Safety Assessment Center of Capital University of Economics and Business, and director of Mining Laboratory (Beijing Work Safety Technology Support Center).

Main Research Direction

Fire and Explosion Prevention, Underground Space Safety, Mine Safety Technology, Shaft Ventilation, Explosion Vibration and Control

Main Research Fields

Recently Professor Lv, Shuran undertook 35 vertical and lateral research projects organized by State Administration of Work Safety, Beijing Administration of Work Safety, Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC), Beijing Municipal Science Commission and other enterprises, such as the innovative team research project “Influence of Explosion Vibration on Tailing Pond” sponsored by Municipal Education Commission. He has contributed to two Beijing Municipal local standards, Technical Specifications of Metal and Nonmetal Mine Construction and Production, Technical Specifications of Beijing Tailings Pond Production and Construction. In addition, he had published 6 books (4 as chief author and 2 as associate editor) and other 32 theses, such as the publication of “Seismic Effect of Open Bench Blasting”, “Work Safety Accident Prevention Control and Case Analysis”. He had won one First Prize, one Second Prize and two Third Prize of Provincial and Ministerial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

Recently, the courses he teaches for undergraduate and graduate students are Fire and Explosion Prevention, Mechanical Engineering, Safety Engineering, Simulation Software, Fires and Explosions and etc.

Organizational Affiliation

Safe Production Expert, Beijing Administration of Work Safety

Trustee, China Society of Engineering Blasting

Executive trustee, Beijing Association of Engineering Blasting

Professor, Training Center of Beijing Institute of Economic Management