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Lv Xue jing

Professor Lv Xuejing, Japanese Ph.D. in economics, doctoral student adviser, dean of Social Security Research Center in CUEB

Education and work experience

Professor Lv graduated from the Labor Economics Department of the Beijing Economics Institute (predecessor of the Capital University of Economics and Business) in July 1983, where he took a teaching position after graduation. He was sent twice to study in Japan Ryutsu Keizai University sponsored by government, majoring in social security. He was conferred a Ph.D. in 1999 and returned to Beijing. In recent years he has been to Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao and other places for academic visits and to attend international conferences.


Social Security

Main research areas

Social Security and Labor Economy

Main courses

Introduction to Social Security, Social Security System Comparative Studies, Social Security Fund Management

Research grants

Professor Lv has presided over the completion of 10 research projects, such as “Research on Unbalanced Development of a Fair Chinese Social Security” sponsored by National Social Science Foundation Project in 2011, “Comparative Study on Typical National Social Welfare System” for the Disabled sponsored by Ministry of Education Social Science Planning Projects in 2010, “Beijing Urban Elderly Service System Study--based on SNS Network” sponsored by Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project in 2010, “Social Security of Beijing Flexible Employment Population” sponsored by Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Planning Project in 2007, “Social Security for Migrant Workers” sponsored by China Development Research Foundation National Bidding Project in 2006, “On the User Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Social Security System Reform in Beijing” sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission Project in 2004. As a a co-leader or main participant he has been involved in over 20 scientific research projects supported by the National Social Science foundation, China Academy of Social Science, the former Chinese Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the former Ministry of Personnel, the former Beijing Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, and the Beijing Municipal Committee of Aging.

Major publications

He worked and edited separately 10 books, including: Japanese Social Security System (2000), States Unemployment Insurance and Re-employment (2000), Modern National Social Security System (2001), An Introduction to Modern Social Security (2005). As co-author(translator), he published (as translator) 17 books, such as Comparative Study on Typical National Social Welfare System for Disabled (2012), Research on Beijing Urban Elderly Service System based on Social Networking " (2012), Theory and Empirical Study of Social Security for Chinese Migrant Labor (2008), Chinese Social Security System (2006) (in Japanese), Contemporary Chinese Social Security System (2005).

Major publications

Professor Lv Xuejing had published more than 100 articles in professional journals at home and abroad, for instance: China Journal of Population Science, Journal of Japan Ryutsu Keizai University (Japan), Population Journal, Population and Economy, Economic Issues, Chinese Journal of Gerontology, Chinese Cadres Tribune, Beijing Social Science, Hubei Social Science, Asia-Pacific Economy , East China Economic Management , China Social Security, China Health Insurance, Welfare China, Social Welfare, among which 30 papers were published in Core Journals.


Winner of the Third Prize for Excellence Award during the second session of the China Social Security Forum Award, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2007;

Second Prize, Beijing Municipal Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2004;

Second Prize, Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award for Beijing universities and colleges in 2008;

Second and Third Prize, Chinese Association of Social Security in 2006;

Second Prize, Outstanding Theses Award of Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in 2009;

Academic Leader, Beijing Key Disciplines--Social Security Subject.

Media activities

Professor Lv has been repeatedly interviewed by the media and was invited as to serve as a TV guest for Beijing TV, Shanghai TV, Holland International News Television, China National Radio, China Economic Herald, China Daily, China Labor and Social Security News, Legal Daily, Legal Evening News, The Economic Observer, National Business Daily, Beijing Review, The Elderly Times, Beijing Morning Post China Consumer Journal, Beijing Labor and Employment Report. He voiced his opinions on China's social security system reform, the establishment of rural pension system, medical insurance system reform, social security of Chinese migrant workers, unemployment insurance reform, and workers ‘ compensation insurance system reform, rights of the elderly, women's rights and other issues.

Organizational Affiliation

Member, the Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

Consultant, China Association for Employment Promotion

Member, Chinese Social Security 30-member Forum

Executive director, China Social Insurance Association

Vice-president, Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Society

Executive director, the Social Policy Research Professional Committee of Chinese Sociological Association

Director, Social Welfare Professional Committee of China Sociological Association,

Director, China Health Insurance Association

Guest researcher, Wuhan University Social Security Research Center, Humanities and Social Sciences Major Research Base of Ministry of Education

Communications Review, National Social Science Foundation Project Establishment,

Experts, National Social Science Foundation Project Assessment

Expert, Assessment Committee of Humanities and social science Research Projects, Ministry of Education

Expert, Beijing senior Professional Title Evaluation Committee

He also serves as the editor of Chinese medical insurance, Social Security and many other magazines.