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Ma Hui

Professor Ma Hui, Adviser of Graduate Students, Secretary of the school Party Committee of the School of Information,

Educational Background

Professor Ma Hui graduated with a Master's degree from Beijing University of Technology, and also studied in the US in 2003.

Research Fields

Her research focuses on Quality Engineering Technology and Applications, including Information Resources Configuration and Quality Management, Capability Maturity Model Integration, and Six Sigma Applications.

Main Courses

Courses she teaches include Accounting Information Systems, Software Configuration, and Quality Management, Management Information Systems.

Research Achievements

Professor Ma Hui has published a number of theses in journals at home and abroad, as well as international conferences. Some of these articles, such as “Management Risk Evasion of Software Development by Process Management Technology” is repeatedly cited by other scholars. She has presided over the Beijing Philosophical and Social program: “Promote the Efficiency of Beijing Information Resources Configuration by Cloud Technology and Evaluation”; and the Beijing Natural Foundation Project: “The Realization Path to Beijing Information Resources Carbon Emission Target Based on Carbon Management Certification.” She has edited some Beijing Elite Textbooks:  Software Quality Management and Certification Methods, Management Information Systems published by Tsinghua University Press in 2009. “The Engineering Control Methods and Evaluation Hierarchical Model of Carbon Footprint,” a patent she applied for, was published in Patent Gazette (27, No. 14) in 2011 (Patent No. 201010559360.7). Her thesis “Research and Practice of Quality Management and Software Quality Knowledge Hierarchy” won the first prize of the Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Awards.


She won the honorary title of Beijing Outstanding Teacher in 1993.