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Wang Ping

Professor Ping Wang (WANG Ping), adviser of graduate students

Educational experience

Professor Wang had an exceptional promotion to associate professor in December 1993, and then was soon promoted to professor in November 1995. He obtained Ph.D. in management from Tianjin University of Finance in June 2000, then studied in Business Administration Postdoctoral Mobile Station at Nankai University, graduating in November 2002.

Working experience

Professor Wang is the professor of Capital University of Economics and Business, doctoral adviser in Corporate Finance, Director of Chrematistics Institute, librarian, adjunct professor of Shandong University of Finance, Director of Corporate Finance Research Center of Shandong University of Finance, deputy editor of magazine Chrematistic People (from 2002 to the end of 2005, in total issued 22 editions), leader of Beijing State-owned Enterprise Reform and Financial Management Innovation Research Base of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (PXM2006_014205_023335), project leader of Research on Value-based Management of State-owned Enterprises Bonus System (07BJY014), National Social Science Foundation Project in 2007 (formally knot in February 8, 2010, certificate ID: 20100110), project leader of “Cost of capital, Value Creation and Assessment of State-owned Enterprises EVA Research” (10YJA630146), Humanities and Social Science Planning Foundation Project, Ministry of Education in 2010 (formally knot in March 11, 2014, certificate ID: 2014JXZ0514).

Research Field

Corporate Finance Theory and Financial Policies

Research achievement

Up to now, he has published a number of academic books and textbooks, selected publications include: Research on Cost of Capital, Value Creation and Economic Value Added, Cost of capital, Shareholder Wealth and Investment and Financing Decision-making, Financial Theory (first version in 2003, Revised Edition in 2008), Value-based Management Bonus System for State-owned Enterprises, On the Financial-orientation, Financial Valuation Theory -- Cash Flow and Enterprise Value Research, Intermediate Financial Management, Corporate Finance Principles, Financial Management and the translation works are: Survey Research in Corporate Finance: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice (by H.Kent Baer, J.Clay Singleton & E.Theodore Veit,) Business Finance: A Value-based Approach (by Bill Neale & Trefor McElroy), Corporate Financial Management(third edition)(by Glen Arnold) and so on. He has dozens of theses published on some academic journals like Economic Perspectives, China Industrial Economy, Accounting Research, and Finance Forum. The representative theses are: Cost of Capital, Shareholder wealth and Financial Theoretical Structure published in Economic and Management Research, The Mystery of the cost of capital (1,2,3) published in Accounting Post, Capital Costs, Maximization of Shareholder Wealth and Extent of Realization in China Industrial Economy, the Cost of Capital, Sustainable Growth and SOE Bonus Ratio Estimate--Model and Test in Accounting Research, Senior Executive compensation Incentive Core Reconstruction: The Cost of Capital Constraints View in China Industrial Economy and so on.