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Zhao Hui Jun

Professor Zhao Huijun, Adviser of Graduate Students, Director of Professional Masters Education Center.

Education Background

She studied at Northeast Normal University, Beijing Normal University, and Moscow State University in Russia successively. She is earned a doctoral degree in psychology (Ph.D.) at the University of Moscow in 1995. As a visiting scholar, she has been sent to the Henglong Organization Management Research Center of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the School of Management of St. Petersburg University for organizational training and human resource management research.

Teaching Experience

The courses she teaches for graduate, MBA, undergraduate students include: Organizational Behavior, Management Communication, Human Resource Management, and Management Psychology, among others. In addition, she offers business management courses for doctoral candidates majoring in enterprise management. Her course Organizational Behavior was named a Beijing Municipality elite course. She has won the title of Young and Middle-Age Key Teacher in 2006 and Outstanding Teacher of Capital University of Economics and Business in 2005, as well as others. Her teaching and teaching management achievements won first prize from the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards in 2008 and 2012.

Research Achievements

Her main research areas cover organizational behavior and human resource management, and she has conducted in-depth research on the topics of application leadership behavior, follow behavior, female leadership and career development, staff development, and knowledge management.

She presided over the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Foundation Project: “Followers Behavior Pattern and Leadership Effectiveness Research (ID: 10YJA630216);” the Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Research Project: “Gender Diversity Management Theory Building and Testing—taking 100 Beijing Companies as Cases for Study”; the China Scholarship Council Project: “Contemporary Development and Application of Russian Psychological Theory”; and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Humanities and Social Sciences Project:Personnel Managers Psychological Quality Analysis and Cultivation, The Flow of Talent Analysis and Control in Zhongguancun Science Park”; and so on. Her selected treatises include: “Power and Performance: Resources Development of Knowledge Workers” (2006),Human Resource Diversification: Development of Women's Studies” (2011, sponsored by the Publication Fund). She has published a number of theses in domestic and foreign academic journals. The achievement Chinese Entrepreneurs Growth Study by cooperation won Best Book Award from the Third Jiangyiwei Enterprise Reform and Development Academic Foundation Awards and third prize from the Tenth Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Excellent Achievement Awards in 2008.

Organizational Affiliations

Evaluation Expert, National Natural Science Foundation of China;

Evaluation Expert, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation Project;

Editor, Contemporary Manager magazine;

Secretary General, Beijing Behavior Science Institute;

Member, Chinese Psychological Association;

Member, International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR).