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Ke Wen Jin

Professor Wenjin Ke (KE Wenjin), adviser for doctoral candidates, member of university Party Standing Committee, party secretary of University Party Committee.

Education background

Professor Ke has received master’s degree and doctor’s degree

Main research field

Educational Economy and Management, Enterprise Management

Main research achievements

Professor Ke has devoted a long period to the research and practice of higher education and university talent training. His ideas on Chinese university during the period of social transition drew much attention from educational theory researchers. In recent years, under the background of social transition, he has been deeply engaged in research focusing on social position of universities, running principle of college, talent cultivation, university academic freedom system guarantee, university function and management, as well as relations with government and society. He has published about 40 theses in key journals like China Higher EducationEducation Research, Educational Economy and Management, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Journal of National Academy of Education Administration, Beijing Education (Higher Education Edition), Guangming Daily, and China Education Journal. He is the chief editor or editor of 8 treatises, among which “Study on the Structural System of University Education” won the first prize granted by Meitan Higher Education Institute, and second prize of ideological and political education research association outstanding achievements of Jiangsu Province, “Study on Society Transition and China Higher Education Ideas, University’s Internal Operation Mechanism under Modern University System,” won the first prize of theoretical thesis granted by Beijing Party Committee Propaganda Department respectively in 2003 and 2004. He was engaged in some key grants, including: Research on College Students' Ideological and Political Education, Research on Campus Culture, sponsored by Ministry of Education Social Science Major Entrusted Projects; Study on Society Transition and China Higher Education Ideas supported by Beijing Administrative Organization Department Talent Program; Study on the Improving of International Quality of Leading Cadres supported by Beijing Administrative Organization Department Entrusted Program; Rules of University: a Comparison Study of Rules at Home and Abroad, Study on the College Students Ideological and Political Education System Optimization and Integration, supported by Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Planning Office and Study on Society Transition and China Modern University System supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. He is also in charge of a dozen of entrusted projects supported by other social units. The projects’ research funds amounts to nearly one million RMB.

Organizational Affiliation

Member, expert group of Ministry of Education’s Degree Center;

Assessment expert, National Social Science Foundation;

Member, appraisal group of Series of Senior Professional Title of Beijing Administrative Organization Department;

Member, appraisal expert group of Educational Administration Discipline Titles in Beijing Education System;

Vice President, China Construction Education Association;

President, China Construction Education Association of Higher Education.