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Feng Pei

Doctor of Management, Professor, General Secretary of CUEB Party Committee

Courses Offered:

Ideological & Moral Education and Law Basics, ChineseMarxism and Contemporary Era, Ideological & Political Theory Education Frontiers, etc. 

Research Concentration:

Party development, localization of Marxism in China and youth ideological & political education, university student affairs management, etc. 

Research Achievements:

Published over 50 papers, 2 monographs; editor-in-chief and co-editor of several monographsheaded several provincial and ministerial research projects; receiver of the first prize in “30 Year Reform and Opening Up College Ideological & Political Education Outstanding Achievements (Monograph)” by the Ministry of Education, first prize in Research Achievement Award by the China Talents Research Association, two second prizes in Beijing Education Achievement Award, Beijing Outstanding Course Award, second prize in Research Achievement Award (monograph) by Beijing University Education Society, first and second prizes in “Lingshan Cup”Outstanding Report (Party lecture)Award, second and innovation prizes in Beijing University Party Development and Ideological & Political Work Outstanding Achievement Award, etc. 


Recipient of Beijing 7th“May Fourth” medal, member of Beijing New Century Young and Middle-aged Social Sciences Theory Talents“One Hundred People Project”, disciplinary leader of Beijing Universities for Two Courses (Marxist Theory and Ideological & Moral Education), a Beijing University “Top Innovative Talent”, an outstanding theory talent of “Four First Batches”, the director of BeijingOutstanding Ideological & Political Educator Workshop. 

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the Steering Committee of College Ideological and Political Education, Ministry of Education;Member of the Expert Panel of College Ideological and Political Education, Ministry of Education;Vice Chairman of Ideological & Political EducationBranch of China Association of Higher Education; Vice Chairman of Public Relations Education Committee, China Association of Higher Education;Chief Supervisor of Beijing College Party Development Research Institute; Expert on the Review Panel for Beijing Social Sciences Project.