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Ji Hong

Ji Hong, adviser of doctoral candidates, dean and professor of the School of Statistics of CUEB

Main Research Fields

Professor Ji Hong mainly studies the Theoretical Basis of Statistics and Macro-Economic System Analysis

Main Research Achievements

Professor Ji Hong has undertaken 8 scientific research grants, including a National Social Science Foundation Key Project, a National Social Science Foundation Project and National Natural Science Foundation Project. He has also undertaken 3 National Defense Scientific Research Projects, as well as 11 other research projects including Beijing Philosophic Social Science Foundation Key Program, Scientific Research Project of the Office of Political Research of the State Council, Scientific Research Project of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Scientific Research Project of the National Bureau of Statistics and an Asian Development Bank Project. He has won many national and provincial awards, including second prize for National Statistics Scientific Progress, second prize for Excellent Results in National Statistics Scientific Research, first prize for a National Excellent Investigative Report, distinguished award from the Commission on ScienceTechnologyand Industry for National Defense; the first and second prize for the Beijing Excellent Statistics Scientific Research Result Award; and a National Excellent Teacher’s Award as identified by the National Bureau of Statistics. Meanwhile, he has published more than 50 theses on social science in China Social Sciences, Guangming Daily and Economics Perspectives, and a dozen of theses, teaching materials, and translation works.

Organizational Affiliation

Secretary-general, Industrial Statistical Teaching Research Society of China

Standing trustee, associate secretary-general, Statistical Education Society of China

Secretary, Higher Education Commission of Statistical Education Society of China

Standing trustee, associate secretary-general, National Accounting Society of China

Member of the evaluation commission, National Statistical Scientific Research Excellent Achievements

Member of the teaching supervisory commission of National Master of Applied Statistics,

Editor, Statistics and Information Forum; Statistical Education