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Tong Yu Fen

Professor Yufen Tong (TONG, Yufen), adviser of doctoral students, Vice President of the School of Labor Economics of CUEB.

Main Research Fields

Professor Tong’s research focuses on demography, population and employment, population resources and environment economics, employment principle, and international labour and employment frontier issues.

Research Achievements

She has devoted a long period to the studies and teaching of population and sustainable development, employment, rural labor force transition, and has undertaken or participated in more than 30 research projects. Since 2005, the main projects are as follows: “Population and Environment Issues of the Construction of Well-Off Society in China Northwestern Region” (2005-2007), sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation; “China Rural and Urban Population Fluctuation and Environmental Sustainable Development” (2011-2013), key project of major base of Ministry of Education; “Quantitative Model and Policy Stimulation of Beijing Population-Resource-Environment Coordinated Development” (2009-2011), Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project, “Beijing Population Growth Control and Policies” (2012-2013), Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Planning Project, “The Population and Environment in the process of China Urbanization” (2012), the key project of the 6th Population Census of the Bureau of Population Census of State Council, “The Stock and Increment of Non-Agricultural Rural Labor Force Transition” (2009) and the “Employment of Floating Population and its Influence on Labor Force Market” (2012), tender item of National Population and Family Planning Commission of PRC; “Control and Strategies of Sex Ratio at Birth in Beijing” (2012) and “Research on Aging of Population and Retirement Guarantee System in Beijing” (2012), authorized item of Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning and the “Fluctuation Trend and Strategies of Beijing Floating Population before and after Beijing Olympic Games,” tender item of Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning.

Selected Publications

The treatise she published include: Population and Sustainable Development, Population and Environment in Xinjiang, China, Theory and Case Study of the Relation between Population and Environment in Beijing, Principle of Employment and China Population, and Employment and Social Security. She has issued more than 90 papers on popular journals like Population Research, Population Journal, China Population Resources and Environment and Journal of Desert Research.


Her achievements have won a number of 2nd and 3rd Prizes of National Population and Family Planning Commission, won 2nd Prize of Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Excellent Achievements, and also 2nd and 3rd Prize of Philosophical and Social Science Excellent Result of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. She has won the honorary title as Beijing College Outstanding Party Member in 2008 and the title of CUEB Science and Research Leader for two times.

Organizational Affiliations

Director, Institute of Population Economics

Editor, Population and Economics

Trustee, China Population Academy

Vice President, Beijing Population Academy

Standing Trustee, China Human Resources Development Association

Vice President, Talent Assessment Branch of China Human Resources Development Association.