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Li Jing

Professor Li Jing, adviser for Doctoral and Postgraduate Student, School of Economics, CUEB

Education Background

Professor Li, Jing graduated from the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2002, Ph.D. in Economics. She did advanced research and study in Durham University and later University of London from 2003 to 2004.

Main Research Fields

Her research covers Theory and Policy of Open Macroeconomics, including International Balance of Payments, Exchange Rate Arrangement, Monetary Cooperation, and Monetary Internationalization.

Main Courses

Since working in Capital University of Economics and Business in 1996, she mainly teaches International Economics, International Finance for undergraduates and International Finance, Theories and Practices of International Finance and Chinese Intervention of Macro Economics for undergraduate of School of Economics in CUEB. Her lecture “International Economics” was chosen as National Model Lecture in Bilingual Languages by Ministry of Education “Teaching Quality Project” in 2009. She has been making positive efforts on open teaching for years. Since 2003, she started to lecture in English on International Finance for undergraduates, therefore, she was chosen as the counselor on economics course in CUEB-Deakin University CPA Cooperative Project and Sino-US Cooperative Project “Analysis on Global Economic Context”. Furthermore, she offered course coordination and in-class bilingual teaching support for CUEB-Averet University Cooperative Project MBA Case Experiment. In 2002, she lectured on Chinese Business Conditions in Helia University of Applied Technology (Finland), Novancia Business College (France) and Seinäjoki University of Applied Technology (Finland). Since 2007, she started to teach International Finance, Chinese Culture and General Condition in China for postgraduates from other developing countries in CUEB. In recent years, she was engaged in offering lectures on Crisis Management and the Chinese Economy for MBA Delegations from Université de Lille (France), Kean University (America) and Delegations from Vanderbilt University (America).  

Main Research Achievements

Professor Li, Jing has been the leading force in the research on Asia Financial Cooperation, Chinese Capital Intervention and Opening-Up, Exchange Rate of Renminbi and its Internalization since 2000. She worked cooperatively on China’s Capital Intervention and Capital Account Liberalization with researchers in Contemporary Economic Research Centre in Durham University under the support of Fort Funds in 2002. She has accomplished a lot of research the question of a Chinese open economy. Her study on the “Current Situation and Prospect of the Internalization of Renminbi”, a bidding project of China Reform Foundation was accomplished in 2004; “The Risk and Countermeasures of Renminbi Cross-border Trade Settlement” supported by Educational Commission of Beijing Municipal Government was completed in 2005. In 2009, she undertook the Youth Project of International Social Science Fund “The Impacts of Renminbi Regionalization on the Chinese Economy and Countermeasures”. As a key researcher, in 2011, she participated in the “Study on the Course of the Internalization of Renminbi, Study on How to Hedge Against Renminbi Exchange Rate Risk for Enterprise and Individual Abroad and Offshore Renminbi Position of Overseas Banks”, which is an important project of the National Science Foundation of China in 2010. She chaired the sub-topic of Major Project of National Social Science Fund “Study on Countermeasures of Maintaining the Stability of Economy, Finance and Capital Market” in 2008. Her study on the “Course of China’s Proactive Participation into the Reform of International Financial System” was sponsored by National Social Science Foundation Major Project. Her major publications are China’s Capital Account Liberalization and Choice of Exchange Rate Regime, China’s Exchange Rate Market and Balanced Development of Convertible Capital Account, The Impacts of Renminbi Regionalization on the Chinese Economy and Countermeasures. Meanwhile, she has published various theses in academic journals at home and abroad in Chinese, English and Japanese. The representative pieces are “A Dissection of the System of the Pegging of RMB to US Dollar”; “Renmnbi Exchange Rate Regime: Suggestions on Further Reforms and Exit Strategy”; “The Renminbi Internationalization Strategy: From the Perspective of Renminbi Cross-border Trade Settlement”; “Renminbi Exchange Rate Regime and Its Internationalization; China’s Capital Account Liberalization against the Background of the Weak Dollar”; “Pattern of Determinants of Exchange Rate and Suggestions on Better Renminbi Exchange Rate Forming Mechanism”.

Awards and Honors

She won the honorary title of “Prominent Young and Middle-aged Teacher” of Beijing in 2005; chosen into the candidate of Social Science Theory “Hundred Talents Project” in Beijing, and “Outstanding Young Intellectual” granted by Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Government in 2006. She was also selected into “New Century Millions of Talents Project” in 2010, and “Program for New Century Excellent Talents” identified by Ministry of Education in 2011.