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Zhu Chao

Professor Zhu, Chao, Vice-president of School of Finance, Adviser of Graduate Students

Education Background

He graduated from the Department of Finance, Renmin University of China in 1996; later he received master’s degree in 2002 from the Department of Finance of Capital University of Economics. He was conferred Ph.D. from School of Economics and Finance of Nankai University in 2007. He was sent abroad as a visiting scholar to the University of Minnesota in 2007 and Michigan State University in 2014. He got an exceptional promotion to professor of Capital University of Economics and Business in 2013.

Research Fields

International Finance, Financial Risk Management

Main Courses

International Finance, Monetary Economics, International Settlement

Research Achievements

In recent years, he published more than 30 theses on academic journals like China Population Science, Financial Research, China & World Economy, World Economy, Economic Science, Quantitative and Technical Economics, Finance and Economics, International Finance, etc.

His main publication s include;

Zhu Chao, Currency Mismatch under the Exchange Rate Impact: Theoretical models, Empirical Measurement and Policy Alternatives, Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2009.3;

Zhu Chao, New International Finance, China Financial Publishing House, 2009.11, sponsored by Beijing Social Science Theoretical Writings Foundation;

Wang Manyi, Zhu, Chao, Beijing Financial Development Layout: Status, Problems and Restructuring, Economic Science Press, 2009.8;

His research grants include:

Project Leader, “Effects of Global Demographic Structure Changes in a Century on the Pattern of International Capital Flows” (12CJY114, sponsored by National Social Science Foundation Youth Project in 2012;

Project Leader, “Current Account Moderation and Reversion Impact Effect in the Context of Global Economic Rebalancing” (11JGC128), Beijing Philosophical and Social Sciences Planning Project in 2011;

Project Leader,Chinese Current Account Balance Study” (10YJC790414), Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Youth Project in 2010;

Project Leader, “Research on the Structure, Exchange Rate Risk and the Optimal Amount Equilibrium of Chinese Net Foreign Assets” (NFA) (SM200910038008), Beijing Education Commission Humanities and Social Sciences General Projects in 2009.

Honors and Social Works

He has won the honorary title of Beijing Key Young Teachers from 2010 to 2012, and was selected into Beijing Youth Innovation Talents Program in 2013, School Discipline Leader Back-up Plan. Meanwhile, He was the Prestigious Teacher of Capital University of Economics and Business. In 2013, he was chosen into Ministry of education New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Program in 2013. In addition, he has served as the executive director of the Beijing Municipal Institute of International Finance since 2010.