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Data Science and Big Data Technology Undergraduate Major of CUEB Approved

Author:Translated by Zhang Juan,Proofread by Li Bing Editor: Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-04-12 Size:TTT

Recently, the undergraduate major of Data Science and Big Data Technology that CUEB applied for has been registered and approved by the Ministry of Education. The major, with a four-year academic plan and a degree of Bachelor of Science, was filed by the School of Statistics. The enrollment will begin in 2018.

Since the notice concerning the filing and approval of the major was issued by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2017, CUEB has organized study sessions and conducted extensive and in-depth research on school-running orientation, education objectives, personnel cultivation model, and development of the major. The addition of the major responds to the social needs and takes into account the development orientation and school-running characteristics. The Academic Affairs Office organized an argumentation meeting on the new major, where the experts of the Teaching Guidance Committee of CUEB had a careful analysis of the application.

At present, there are 44 undergraduate majors at CUEB. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality, CUEB will continue to improve its education capacity and further explore advantages through strengthening its current signature programs and enriching new majors, in a bid to produce high-caliber professionals for the society.

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