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Irish Ambassador to China Eoin O’Leary Appointed as CUEB Honorary Professor of Law

Author:Translated by Zhang Juan,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-04 Size:TTT

On May 22nd, Yu Zhong, member of the CUEB Party Standing Committee and Dean of the School of Law, met with H. E. Eoin O’Leary, Irish ambassador to China, and his delegation in Boyuan Building. H. E. Eoin O’Leary was appointed as honorary professor of law of CUEB. The appointment ceremony was held in the second lecture hall of Boyuan Building, and Yu Zhong issued letter of appointment to H. E. Eoin O’Leary on President Fu Zhifeng’s behalf.

H. E. Eoin O’Leary said that it was his honor to become the first foreign honorary professor of law at CUEB and introduced the adjustment and specific measures of modern environment policies and legislation of Ireland in his academic report “Up-to-Date Irish Environment Legislation and Policies”.

After the report, H. E. Eoin O’Leary, Prof. Patrick Wall from the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, Yu Zhong, and Zheng Wenke, Vice Dean of the School of Law, inaugurated the Irish Law Research Center of CUEB.

Prof. Patrick Wall was then invited to give an academic report on “Enhance Market Confidence and Trust by Getting Close to and Influencing Consumers.”

During the academic exchange session, Li Xiao’an, Xie Haixia and Zhai Yehu, professors from the School of Law, raised questions to H. E. Eoin O’Leary and Prof. Patrick Wall about the oversight of Environmental Protection Agency in Ireland, food safety risks and punitive damages requested by consumers.

After the ceremony and academic report, H. E. Eoin O’Leary and his delegation visited the History Museum of CUEB.

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