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Griffith University Delegation Led by Vice Chancellor David Grant Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Yan Chunxue Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhong Peipei Publish:2016-06-22 Size:TTT

On June 2nd, CUEB Vice President Xu Fang met with a Griffith University delegation of David Grant, PVC(Business), Peter Woods, Director of International Office (Business), and Ding Peiyi, deputy director of Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI). The two sides exchanged on facilitating and expanding bilateral cooperation.

First of all, Xu extended warm welcome to the delegation and briefly introduced cooperative achievements of the two sides in recent years. Several remarkable cooperative milestones were touched upon by Xu. For instance, the Year 2012 witnessed an inter-university memo between the two sides, since which leadership of the two universities has been committed to facilitating faculty exchanges and student joint education programs. A cooperative agreement on “2+2” joint education program was reached in 2015 between CUEB School of Business Administration and Griffith Business School, remarkably furthering the substantial cooperation between the two universities. CUEB fully supports the joint education programs and will work to introduce the cooperative model to related programs of School of Accounting and School of Labor Economics.

David Grant spoke highly of these achievements. He stressed that, CUEB, as a global strategic cooperative partner of Griffith, was the first Chinese university he visited since he took office as vice chancellor. With an international vision and a tradition of partnership with Asian universities, Griffith hoped to draw on each other’s strength and further cooperation through joint education programs, faculty exchanges, and co-organizing international academic conferences.

Afterwards, CUEB delegates, including Liu Xuexin, dean of School of Business Administration, Li Baixing, deputy dean of School of Accounting, Li Wei, deputy dean of School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, and Fan Wei, deputy dean of School of Labor Economics, briefly introduced their schools’ international development and cooperation programs respectively. A preliminary consensus was reached on long and short term student exchanges and internship, “2+2” joint education programs for undergraduates,”3.5+1.5” combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program, faculty exchanges, research cooperation and so forth.

After the meeting, Griffith delegation visited CUEB community of student makers and had talks with some of the students to know better about the burgeoning entrepreneurs.

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