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China Gold Industry Development Review and Prospects Seminar Held at CUEB

Author:Translated by Zhang HX, Proofread by Liangjue Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-11-21 Size:TTT

On November 14th, the China Gold Industry Development Review and Prospects Seminar was held at CUEB. The seminar was co-sponsored by CUEB China Gold Research Center, Beijing Golden Economy Development Research Center and China Financial and Economic Publishing House. Over 100 representatives from the gold mining, jewelry enterprises, precious metals investment communities, the news media and CUEB teachers and students attended this seminar and witnessed the book launch of Wen Ding (literally mean ”attaining the top”)

Sun Lianzhong, deputy general manager of China National Gold Group Corporation, attended the seminar and shared his insights into the development and prospects of the gold industry.

Zhang Yongtao, vice president and general secretary of China Gold Association, elaborated on the development course and changes of China's gold tax policies, analyzed the changes and challenges of China's gold tax environment andoffered his view of future tax policy changes.

Liu Shanen, deputy director of the Beijing Gold Economic Development Research Center and general secretary of the Expert Committee, summed up the experience of China's gold industry development. He pointed out that the development of the gold industry was a process of trial and error, and the gold industry development policy priorities must be examined from the heightof national strategy. The choice of development path is a decisive factor in the development of gold industry, and scientific and technological progress is the biggest driver for the development of gold production.

Zhu Heliang, director of CUEB China Gold Research Center, argued that the value of gold was huge because of gold's attributes, status and role. The development of China's gold industry must be viewed from the perspective of gold value and national strategy. International experience shows that the size of gold reserves is an important factor affecting the international dominance of the currency. China's current gold reserves account for only 5.5% of the world's gold reserves, accounting for only 2.1% of China's foreign exchange reserves, far from meeting the needs of RMB gold content.

LvXiaozhao, chairman of ChifengJilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. introduced the characteristics and advantages of private gold mining enterprises in management mechanism, operating culture, income distribution, talent attractionand other aspects. He emphasizedthe importance of innovation in all aspects of the enterprises development.

In the book launch of Wen Ding: China's Gold Industry Development Review, the author Liu Shanen presented the autographed new books to Sun Lianzhong, Zhang Yongtao, Tao Minghao, Zhu Heliang, LvXiaozhao and Wang Jianguo.

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