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CUEB Holds 34th Teachers’ Day Commendation Meeting

Author:Translated by Meng SH,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-09-17 Size:TTT

On September 10th, the 34th Teachers’ Day Awards Ceremony kicked off at Zhuoyu Lecture Hall of CUEB. Feng Pei, Party Secretary of CUEB, Fu Zhifeng, President of CUEB, Wang Chuansheng and Yang Kaizhong, Vice Presidents of CUEB, Tang Xing’an, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Xing Qi, member of Party Standing Committee, and Director of United Front Work Division, attended the meeting and presented awards to the winners. The meeting was presided over by Xu Fang, Deputy Party Secretary of CUEB.

Yang Kaizhong read the list of the winners of Municipal Pioneer of Teacher’s Professional Ethics, Outstanding School and CUEB Pioneer of Teacher’s Professional Ethics Promotion and Model of Education. Wang Chuansheng announced the winners of CUEB’s First Education Excellent Award and the Stellar New Educator Award. Tang Xing’an read the list of the outstanding organizers in CUEB publicity and propaganda efforts. Xing Qi read the list of the faculty who have worked in education for more than 30 years. The leaders presented awards to the winning teachers and representatives.

Tang Lichun, the first prize winner of Education Excellent Award, and Zhang Songbo, the first prize winner of Stellar New Educator Award, gave a teaching demonstration for all the participants. On behalf of all the faculty who have been engaged in education for 30 years, Professor Li Xiaoan from the School of Law made a speech.



On behalf of CUEB, Feng Pei expressed his congratulations to the outstanding groups and teachers who won the municipal and school awards. He also extended festival greetings and heartfelt thanks to the faculty. With the theme of “Sailing, inheritance, struggle”, Feng Pei reviewed the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "four haves" good teachers, "four guides" and "four unities" with all the teachers.

On behalf of the Party Committee of CUEB, Feng Pei put forward three expectations for all the faculty and staff: fulfilling the missions of educators, improving ourselves as role models and keeping working towards the best.

At last, Feng Pei said that CUEB would always put the building of its teaching team on top of the agenda, and translate the care and respect for teachers into tangible actions to give all the faculty more sense of achievements, gain, and well-being. It was also hoped that all the faculty and staff could be more actively involved in the reform and development of university construction, and make greater contributions to building a domestic first-class, internationally renowned financial and economic university.

The 57 new faculty and staff members took the solemn oath. They would not forget why they started as educators and dedicate themselves to education, and strive to be the "four haves" good teachers and "four guides" for students, thus to start a new journey of teachers' career.



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