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CUEB Spoken English Learning Platform Convo Club Organizes Its First Activity

Author:Translated by Yan Run Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhong Peipei Publish:2016-04-11 Size:TTT


On March 29th, Convo Club, a spoken English learning platform, organized its first activity at Kamo Cafe, a CUEB entrepreneurial base.

With the theme of Easter, the party kicked off with opening remarks by 4 humorous foreign teachers from CUEBOverseasChineseCollege. Foreign teachers from different countries shared with students the history of Easter and different countries’ traditional customs to celebrate Easter, and encouraged them to paint eggshells. After painting eggshells, student representatives from each group presented their eggs and ideas, which surprised teachers and gained warm praises. The party ended with the happy game of rolling eggs and English discussion.

In relaxing communication and games, students started talking in English and participated in the activity, casting off the fear of language difficulties and making mistakes.

Convo Club, a new English learning platform established by students from OverseasChineseCollege and open to CUEB students, is committed to exploring new ways of English learning and getting in touch with foreign teachers so as to motivate students in practicing oral English and general English learning.

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