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CUEB Established “1+3” Education League with Three Yunnan Border Universities

Author:Translated by Yan Chunxue Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhong Peipei Publish:2016-05-16 Size:TTT

On May 6th, Wang Jiaqiong, president of CUEB, Yang Shizhong, CUEB secretary of Division of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, and Xu Fang, vice president of CUEB, attended the signing ceremony for strategic cooperation of “1+3” education league with three border universities from Yunnan Province, namely, Pu’er University, Honghe University and Bao Shan University.

Wang Jiaqiong said at the ceremony that CUEB enjoys favorable geographical location and education strength in such disciplines as economics and management, while the three border universities are gateways for cultural communication with Southeast Asia as they are in close contact with ASEAN governments and universities. Combining strengths of both sides, the league is committed to establishing a “1+3” Belt and Road education cooperation platform for foreign students by starting with ASEAN students and then reaching to all foreign students. The league is sure to contribute to the opening up of education resources and the Belt and Road strategy. On the basis of educational cooperation, the two sides will actively widen cooperation scope, support green economy development forum to enhance cooperation and education opening-up.

All of the three universities expressed that CUEB’s advantages in education for overseas students, research and management will be of great help to their educational advancement and better serve national and provincial development strategies.

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