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Cambridge University A-cappella Chorus Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Liang Jue, proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhang Yijie Publish:2016-09-26 Size:TTT

On the afternoon of September 19th, the Cambridge University Chorus visited CUEB and took part in a series of exchange activities with CUEB Art Group and student organizations. Students from both universities gathered together and held a wonderful party at the Art Center.

Wang Bowen, leader of the Cambridge University Chorus, gave a brief introduction of their chorus, known as one of the best groups among a-cappella choruses in Cambridge. With a history of over 20 years, the chorus had students from every college and visited various universities to give performances.

During the party, students of both universities gave performances alternately. Mercy by Duffy sung by girls, Mary Lou by boys, and So it Goes by Billy Joel by the Cambridge Chorus, all songs completely fascinated everyone. The Seal Lullaby performed by the CUEB Chorus and a cappella, Ba Jun Zan won the applause of the audience. In order to show the extensive and profound Chinese culture to the Cambridge students, the CUEB orchestra society played the ensemble Moonlight of Spring River; the dance association performed the Dai dance Shao Duo Li; members of the Phoenix Chinese clothing club were dressed in beautiful clothes and gave a wonderful Han costume show. Finally, Auld Lang Syne sung by all students helped the party reach its climax.

After the party, with the help of CUEB students, the students of the Cambridge University experienced Chinese traditional archery and calligraphy with great enthusiasm. The visit and party opened another brand new chapter in exchanges between CUEB and the University of Cambridge. In the next few days, volunteers from the foreign language club will accompany members of the chorus during their visit in Beijing.

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