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CUEB Holds Commemorative Meeting of the 60th University Anniversary

Author:Translated by Zhang HX, proofread by Zhang Yijie Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-10-24 Size:TTT

On the morning of October 16th, CUEB held commemorative meeting of the 60th anniversary. Thousands of alumni and teachers and students home and abroad met and embraced each other on the beautiful campus. They reviewed the history, looked forward to the future, and witnessed the honors and dreams in the past sixty years.

Liu Yuhui, Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Li Yingjin, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Wu Sufang, Director of the Beijing Municipal Audit Bureau, Wang Guangqian, President of the Central University of Finance and Economics, and other leaders from 51 universities; Australia Deakin University President Jane den Hollander and other leaders of nine foreign universities; major leaders of Fengtai District Government and co-building units; all the CUEB school leaders, former school leaders, former professors and more than four thousands of alumni attended the meeting to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CUEB, witnessed the new start of CUEB. Nearly one hundred universities home and broad sent the congratulatory messages. The meeting was presided by Sun Shanxue, CUEB Deputy Party Secretary.

At 10:00 am, the meeting began in the solemn national anthem.

Liu Yuhui in his speech affirmed the remarkable achievements of CUEB in the past 60 years. He pointed out that CUEB insisted on being based in Beijing, serving the society and was closely integrated into the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Synergistic Development Strategy" and the process of Beijing "Four Centers" construction. A number of landmark achievements were transformed into related policies, having aroused strong responses and the central and local attention, seeking development together with the capital. He proposed that CUEB should sum up 60 years of experience in running schools, take the lead in serving capital, strengthen the integration of resources, promote innovation of the system and mechanism, build platform environment, accelerate achievement transformation, and constantly improve the school's contribution and influence.

Wang Guangqian, on behalf of the domestic universities, congratulated the 60th anniversary of CUEB.

Jane den Hollander, on behalf of the foreign universities also sent their congratulations. She pointed out that CUEB as a national well-known financial university is mainly featured by economics and management with outstanding advantages. CUEB has insisted on the idea of "based in Beijing, serving capital, facing the country, and heading to the world". In recent years, CUEB has made outstanding achievements in personnel training, disciplinary development, the introduction of teachers and scientific research and innovation. She hoped that with the implementation of China's major strategy “One Belt and One Road”, the two universities could continue to seek more opportunities for international cooperation and cultivate a large number of international talents with global perspectives, having a good knowledge of international rules, participating in international affairs and international competitions, and carry out scientific research and innovation together to create a better tomorrow.

Ji Shao, as the only national outstanding teacher and professor of School of Labor Economics, delivered a passionate speech. She talked about the experience of participating in the discussion between President Xi Jinping, and the representatives of teachers and students at Beijing Bayi School. She advocated that all the teachers should remember the earnest exhortations of the General Secretary Xi, and be a good teacher of the “Four Haves” with consciences and responsibilities.

Li Hongjun, Professor of the International School of Economics and Management talked about the development of himself since he joined CUEB.

Guo Hanzhao, a college student of the grade 2014 of the School of Public Finance and Taxation shared his experience of life and study at CUEB.

Lu Dongtao, the alumni of economics major of the grade 1985 and general manager of Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd. on behalf of alumni home and abroad congratulated the 60th anniversary of CUEB.

Alumni representatives donated the painting scroll Camel to CUEB. The meeting closed in the melodious school song Voyage.

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