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CUEB Delegation Visits York University and University of British Columbia

Author:Translated by Sun Lei,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-11-13 Size:TTT

Yang Kaizhong, Vice President of CUEB, led a delegation to York University and the University of British Columbia from October 21 to 26. The visit was intended for deeper cooperation with Canada on scientific research, academic communication, joint talents cultivation programs and staff exchange. During the trip, the delegation also attended the founding ceremony of CUEB Alumni Association in Canada, the second overseas alumni organization of the university. 

York University was the first stop, where CUEB delegation was greeted and welcomed by Diana Ning, Associate Director of International&Scholar Services, Helen Balderama, Associate Director of International Partnerships and Programs, Dr. Adriano Solis, Director of School of Administrative Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts&Professional Studies, Dr. Elena Caprioni, Program Director of Asian Business and Management Program, and Dr. Ida Farrara, Chair and Associate Professor of Department of Economics. They spoke highly of CUEB’s choice of York University as a partner in Canada. 

Yang Kaizhong gave a concise introduction of CUEBs overall situation and intention on international development. As he mentioned, various research fields York University engages in overlap with domains where CUEB traditionally assumes a leading role. Academic exchanges and cooperation in these disciplines will fuel an all-dimensional collaboration between the two universities starting with student and faculty exchange programs. Mr. Yang looks forward to an inter-university agreement struck asap, which is the cornerstone for a stronger, larger and higher cooperation.      

During the meeting, Cui Yeguang, CUEB President Assistant and Dean of School of Accounting, made a detailed introduction of the current student and faculty exchange programs between the School of Accounting and overseas universities,and highlighted CGA International accountingclass, a joint program between the School of Accounting and Laurentian University. Cui also had an in-depth discussion with Solis on curriculum setting and faculty cooperation onscientific research. Zhu Heliang, Director of Office of Research, briefed on the general development and major accomplishments of CUEBs scientific research. Zhu and Farrara discussed a potential cooperation in the field of economics, including student exchange, Bachelors“2+2” dual degree program, and combined Bachelor’s/Master’sdegree “3+1+1”program. An initial agreement was also reached on cooperation in China’s economics and brandology research and academic studies. 

CUEB Delegation Visits York University in Canada. 

The delegation made a second stop at University of British Columbia (UBC), and held in-depth talks with Grace Wong, Senior Advisor International, Office of the Provostand Ann Gilray, Study Abroad & Exchange Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Office of Sauder School of Business. 

Vice-president Yang said that CUEB is committed to joining hands with global top-level universities, which is significant to optimizing CUEBs cultivation mode of bringing its students up to international competition. The university is more than happy to see UBC students visit Beijing and choose its all-English selective courses. CUEB also invites more experts and scholars over to give long- and short-term courses, attend seminars and conduct research collaboration. After a full-dress inquiry about UBCs summer programs and supporting policies, CUEB indicated that student exchange can serve as a starting point for the two parties to co-foster top-notch students in trade and business, promote China-Canada academic communication and carry out scientific cooperation on advantaged disciplines. 

CUEB Delegation Visits University of British Columbia. 

CUEB delegation was invited to visit the Faculty of Forestry. Dr. Wang Guangyu, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, elaborated on their exchange programs and scientific cooperation with Chinese universities. An array of issues, including co-developing urban management, forestry economy and other professional studies, student exchange, etc. were also discussed between the two sides. 

During their stay in Canada, the delegation established the universitys second overseas alumni association in Toronto. Representatives of CUEB alumni living in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawaand Calgary were attracted to the founding ceremony.

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