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Yang He Qing

Professor Yang Heqing, adviser of doctoral students, head of key disciplines, leader of Beijing Municipal Colleges Academic Innovation Team

Educational Background

Doctor of Economics, resides in Japan

Research Fields

Labor economics, human resources development and management, social security, human resources study, securities economy

Main Courses

Courses for doctoral and graduate students include Special Research of Labor Economy, Research on Securities Economics, Monetary and Banking, Human Resource Research, and Professional Japanese; courses for undergraduate students include Labor Economics, Human Resource Management, and Comparative Civil Service.

Notable Achievements

Professor Yang has published 33 theses, among which four papers are published in authoritative journals and 18 in core journals since 2003.

“On Human Resources Development, Resources Capacity and Resources Composition” [J], China Human Resource Development (Special Edition), 2001.5, won First Prize in Chinese Human Resources Development Research Association Outstanding Research Achievement Award in 2003.

“An Important Platform of Cooperate Human Resources Management Operations -- Thoughts on the Internal Labor Market” [J], China Human Resource Development, 2002.12, won China Human Resource Development Association Outstanding Research Achievement Award in 2003.

“Knowledge Economy Calls for Gray Collar Talent'' won the first prize of Fifth Chongqing Periodicals Excellent Articles Award in 2005.

Modern Japanese Social Security (translation work), China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, January 2006.

One of his articles was collected in Social Security Collectibles Renditions which won Outstanding Introduced Book Award for Social Sciences (National Award).

“Salary Incentive Mechanism for Business Executive Level” (project), Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Tenth “Five-year Plan” Planning Program Outstanding Achievement, 2005.

“Business Operators/Executive Level Salary Incentives Mechanism” (treatise), Ninth Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Research Excellence Award, 2006.

“On National Personnel Security” (project) won third prize in the Fifth National Personnel Talent Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award, Ministry of Personnel in 2006.

“Changes and Characteristics of National Salary System since Reform and Opening Up” won third prize in the Chinese Labor Forum Outstanding Achievement Award, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2008.

Main Teaching Awards

First prize, China Labor Society and Chinese Society of Social Insurance Outstanding Achievement Award, 2003.

Second prize, Human Resource Management (course), Beijing Municipal Excellent Courses Award, 2004.

Textbook, Labor Economics (Ministry of Education 21st Century Human Resources Management Textbook Series), Renmin University Press, 2002.5; won Beijing outstanding teaching achievement prize in 2004; selected into the Ministry of Education Eleventh “Five-year plan" National Planning Textbook (2006).

Textbook, Career Planning, won Beijing Excellent Teaching Material Award, 2006; selected into the Ministry of Education Eleventh “Five-year plan" National Planning Textbook, 2008.

Textbook, Labor Economics, China Labor Society Outstanding Teaching Material Award Second prize, 2006.

Course, Labor Economics, Beijing Municipal Courses Award, 2008.


Top Creative Talent, Institutions of Higher learning under the Jurisdiction of Beijing Municipal;

Prestigious Teacher, Outstanding Teacher in Beijing;

Prestigious Teacher, Capital University of Economics and Business;

Scientific Research Model, Capital University of Economics and Business

Organizational Affiliation

Vice Chairman of China Association of Labor Studies; Deputy Director of Academic Committee; Vice Chairman of Labor Science Education Branch;

Vice Chairman of China Human Resources Development Research Association; Vice Chairman of Teaching and Practice Branch; Vice Chairman of Labor Relations Branch;

Member, All-China Federation of Trade Unions Legal Advisory Committee;

Member, Chinese Enterprise Directors Association Owners Committee;

Executive director, China Social Insurance Association; Deputy Director of the Academic Committee;

Executive director, China Vocational Training and Staff Education Association;

Deputy Director, Public Management Committee of China Management Association;

Guest researcher, China Academy of Labor and Social Security;

Guest researcher, Wuhan University Social Security Research Center, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Major Research Base;

Guest researcher, Peking University Human Resources Development and Management Research Center;

Guest researcher, Beijing Human Resources Research Center;

Vice president, Beijing Municipal Labor and Social Security Society;

Vice president, Beijing Institute of Behavioral Science;

Executive director, Beijing International Financial Institution;

Member, Beijing Talent Association Expert Committee;

Consultant, Beijing Sino-Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Association;

Evaluation expert, National Natural Science Foundation Project Achievements;

Evaluation Expert, National Social Science Foundation Project;

Evaluation expert, National Social Science Foundation Project Achievements;

Communication Review Expert, the Newly-added Doctoral degree, Master's Degree Office of the State Council;

Leader, Beijing Senior Human Resource Professional Title Assessment Team;

Leader, Beijing Universities Senior Management Academic Title Assessment Team.