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Yang Shi Zhong

Professor Yang, Shizhong graduate student adviser, member of party committee, secretary of school discipline committee, chairman of trade unions teachers' congress.

Research fields

Accounting, Education Economics

Research directions

Cost Management Accounting, Financial Management, Quality of Accounting Information and Accounting Culture

Organizational affiliation

Executive director and member of academic committee, China Accounting Society

Senior member, China Association of Certified Accountants

Consultant, Ministry of Finance Corporate Internal Control Standards Committee

Executive director, China Costs Research Association

Executive director, China Business Accounting Association

Vice chairman, Beijing Accounting Institute

Vice chairman, Association of Beijing Internal Audit

Vice chairman, Beijing Association of Chief Financial Officers

Consultant, China Accounting Museum

Member of supervisory committee, Asia Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA)

Honorary member, American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Vice chairman, China Management Accounting Education Committee

Education background

Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Department of Economic Management, Hebei Geological Institute, October 1978 - July 1982

Sino-US Joint workshop “Fifth seminar of Chinese Industrial Technology Management Training Center in Dalian, March-October, 1984

Master's degree in economics, department of financial accounting, Beijing Economics Institute, September 1985-July 1988

Ph.D. in Management (in service learning), School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, March 2001-June 2007

Main working experience

Auto mechanic, Simao Motor Transport Terminal Maintenance Workshop, January 1975 - October 1978

Swimming Coach, Amateur Sports School of Simao Region, September 1975 - October 1978

Teaching assistant, counselor, Department of Economic Management, Hebei Geological Institute, August 1982 - August 1985

Management counselor, Beijing Snow Breweries, March 1987--March 1989

Lecturer, associate professor, deputy dean of the Department, Financial Accounting Department of Beijing Economics Institute, August 1988-- June 1996

Associate professor, professor, deputy director of the department, dean, school party secretary, vice president, president of school union teachers' congress, secretary of school discipline commission, Capital University of Economics and Business , June 1996—Current

Management consultant, Beijing Switch Factory, September 1990—September 1991

Experts, Beijing Accounting Qualification Examination Marking Guidance, September 1992 --February 2004

Teacher training, member of professional guidance committee, Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants, July 1996--February 2004

Management consultant, Shenzhen Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., March 1997 - March 1998;

Senior managing consultant, Beijing Dyne Group, September 1997 - August 1998

Director, Sino-Australia Joint Program Office, Capital University of Economics and Business, September 1998--February 2002

Senior adviser, independent director, Guangdong TCL Corporation, September 1998 - May 2008

Editor in chief, Financial Manager magazine, February 2002 - September 2006

Independent directors, Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Group, March 2003--March 2004

Deputy editor, Research on Economics and Management (money edition), September 2006-- current

Main Research Achievements

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