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Ding Li Hong

Professor Ding Lihong, Vice-president of Capital University of Economics and Business, post graduate advisor, member of the university party committee

Research Fields

Professor Ding has devoted substantial time researching statistical theory and its applications, investment analysis, and higher education reform. He teaches courses to graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of statistics, statistics of trade, market survey and analysis, and investment analysis.

Main research achievements

In recent years, he has completed more than 10 research projects, edited and co-edited 5 books and textbooks, published more than 20 academic papers, and was awarded prizes at the ministerial level, including:

Second prize for excellence in research supported by the fifth National Statistics Research Program, for research project Study on Senior Statistics Talents Training and Curriculum System for Chinese Universities in the 21st Century;

Second prize science and technology progress award supported by State Land Bureau, for the project City Land Ratings and Evaluation Research;

Third prize of fourth National Statistical Science and Technology Award for the project On Chinese Real Estate Market Monitoring System Construction;

Second prize for the eighth National Statistical Research Excellent Achievements Award, for the project Study on Statistical Measurement and Countermeasure China in Labor Market Operation;

Second prize award for the tenth National Statistical Research Excellent Achievements Award for Ideas on Improving China’s Unemployment Statistics Index System;

Best-seller award for National Excellent Economic Books for the book Contemporary Market Survey;

Excellent statistical textbook for  the third excellent statistical textbook award for Statistics of Trade (national university statistics programmed textbook in the “eighth five-year plan” period), supported by National Bureau of Statistics;

Excellent statistical textbook of the fourth excellent statistical textbook award for Market Surveys and Analysis (national university statistics major programmed textbook in the “ninth five-year plan” period), supported by National Bureau of Statistics;

His teaching reform research achievements were awarded first and second prize for Beijing Regular Institute of Higher Learning Excellent Achievements Award.



Top and innovative talent, institute of higher learning under the jurisdiction of Beijing City

”Four Batch” talent, Beijing municipal propaganda and culture system

Since 2000 he has received the State Council special allowance


Organizational affiliation

Vice chairman of the National Statistical Society of China,

Director of the Investment Association of China,

Executive director of the Investment Consulting Special Committee,

Member of national statistics textbook editing committee for National Bureau of Statistics,

Consultant of Beijing Statistical Society.