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Gao Chuang

Professor Gao Chuang, Doctor of Economics, adviser for doctoral students, assistant president, dean of School and Business Administration.

Education Background

Ph.D. in economics

Working Experience

He worked as the vice president of the School of Business Administration of Liaoning University, director of school’s Planning Finance Department, dean of the School of Business Administration and the chairman of the MBA Education Center from 1995 to 2009.

Research Fields

Professor Gao Chuang, whose research field is enterprise management and the teaching and research of development problems, has devoted a long period of his career to educational research work on enterprise management and development, his research direction is enterprise governance and comparative management. He has taken the lead in creating social capital research paradigms, and has made pioneering contributions to ultimate shareholder regulation research. In the field of comparative management, he founded an international comparison management research institute which is the only institute in China that specializes in comparative management research. It aims at reconstructing the foundation of the field of comparative management research from the angle of analysis evolution. 

Main Research Achievements

He has undertaken three National Natural Science Foundation Programs, two National Social Science Fund Programs as well as one Social Science Research Program of the Ministry of Education. He also won the International Exchange Foundation of the Japanese Ministry of Education and performed international cooperative research with the EU Project Office, and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. He published about 50 theses in important academic periodicals both at home and abroad such as Management World and Chinese Industrial Economy, and about 10 monographs. He is the winner of the prize of 3rd Jiangyiwei Enterprise Reform and Development Research Foundation Award (2008), 4th China Academic Humanities and Social Science Research Achievement Award (2006), and the 4th Chinese Book Award (1990).

Teaching Achievements

He has won the honorary title of National Model Teacher in 2007, Model Worker of Shenyang City in 2006, Excellent Expert of Shenyang City in 2006, Excellent Teacher of Shenyang city in 2001, etc. In addition he enjoys the special allowance of the State Council since 1998.

Organizational Affiliation

He served as the Councilor on the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of Business Management Discipline; as member of the Ministry of Education Industrial and Commercial Management Course Teaching Guidance Committee; Leader of the Expert Group of China Postdoctoral Management Discipline Committee; Member of the Expert Evaluation Group of the National Natural Science Foundation Committee; Vice President of China Enterprise Management Research Association; Vice President of Corporate Governance Committee of Chinese Research Council of Modern Management; Member of Comparison Management Committee of China Enterprise Management Research Association. He is also the part-time professor (researcher) of 5 universities or institutes, including China Academy of Social Sciences, Nankai University, and Lanzhou University. Meanwhile he is the independent director of four listed companies, such as Liaoning Publishing Group