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Zhang Qiang

Professor Zhang, Qiang, Adviser of Doctoral Students

Education background

Graduated from Renmin University of China where received a master's degree in economics in 1986

Working experience and social work

He has had the working experience in the countryside, in business management and in government research institutions. For many years he has served as the director of the Beijing Urban and Suburban Economic Research Institute. After he transferred to the Capital University of Economics in 2004, he undertook the position of President of Capital Economic Research Institute, Dean of City College, served as a member of the Academic Committee. He was also a member of No. 9-11 sessions of Beijing CPPCC National Committee, and counselor of Beijing Municipal People's Government.

Research field

Urban-rural Relations and Rural Issues in Developed Regions


Regional Economy, Suburban Economy (Rural Economy in Urban Areas), Capital Region Development

Main research achievements

He presided over the completion of ten national and Beijing Social Science and Natural Science Research Projects, as well as dozens of government decision-making advisory tasks. As a leading expert, he directed the research and composition of overall city planning for Beijing, Beijing land use planning and construction investigations (rural outskirts section), new rural development plan for Beijing, and the integration of urban and rural economic and social development plan. His representative papers are “Exploration on Beijing Suburbs Urbanization”, “Rural and Urban: Choices Integrated Development--Integration of Beijing Urban and Rural Development”, “Farmer-Oriented Theory--Reflections on Contemporary Chinese Peasants”, “From Aggregation to Diffusion: Beijing Urban and Rural Development Pattern”. He has published hundreds of papers. Currently he is directing Beijing Municipal Education Commission Key project “Urban Outskirts and New Rural Construction”.

Rewards and honors

Between 2000 and 2010 he won two 1st prizes and three 2nd prizes for the Beijing Philosophical and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Awards, and one Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Award. His research achievements involve urban agriculture research in metropolitan areas, suburbanization research, and studies of urban and rural integration. He is the leader of Beijing key study Regional Economy, he is a recipient of the special allowance of State Council, and the top creative talents of Beijing municipal colleges and universities.

Organizational affiliation

Currently he serves as the vice president of Beijing Institute of Urban Economy, Urban Agriculture and Tourism Agriculture Branch of the China Agricultural Society; director and executive director of the Regional Science Association of China, China Economic Geography Association, China suburban Economic Research Institute, China Agricultural Economic Institute and other academic bodies.