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 1. About the College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration of CUEB was established in 1963. With primary discipline conferment rights of Doctor Degree and Master degree of Business Administration, the College has formed a complete structure of Doctor, Master and Bachelor in the past 50 years. There are 5 majors for bachelor namely, business administration, marketing, tourism management, E-commerce and Logistics Management. The school also sets up a Mobile post-doctoral station of Business Administration and has already been granted one Beijing key discipline, one Beijing key construction discipline, one Beijing brand discipline and one Beijing features major. Up to now, SBA has already been a member of AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate School of Business). 

2. Specialties

Degree conferred at SBA:

Doctor of Business Administration (Enterprise Management, Tourism Management, Technology Economy and Management)

Master of Business Administration (Enterprise Management, Tourism Management, Technology Economy and Management)

Master of Business Administration MBA


883 Undergraduate Students (Business management, Marketing, Tourism management, E-commerce and Logistics Management.)

181 Master Students

39 Ph.D. Student

3. Faculty:

There are 68 Professional Teachers, including 18 Professors, 7 Advisers for doctorial student. Over 90% of the young teachers are Ph.D or Ph.D students. Distinguished Professor Zheng Haihang, Wu Fengxiang, Huang Jinfu who were influential in academic circle in the 1980s are still engaged in teaching and research affairs in the College. Currently, led by Professor Gao Chuang, Qi yudong, a group of young teachers with great academic influence has formed. The teachers of SBA not only have a high academic achievements, but also hold important positions outside College—member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Beijing Municipal Government Advisor, Central Ministries Consultant, Person in charge of national key academic group etc.. Among them, Professor Gao Chuang serves as the councilor of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of business administration discipline, member of the Ministry of Education of Industrial and Commercial Management Course Teaching Guidance Committee, vice president of China Enterprise Management Research Association. Besides, there are also some excellent entrepreneurs and famous management experts at home and abroad as the College’s Honorary Professor and Adjunct Professors.

4.Curriculum structure:

In the past 40 years, SBA has achieved great success on the enhancement of the teaching group construction, improvement of the teachers’ quality, reform of the teaching mode, content and method. From 2006 to 2010, Strategic Enterprise Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Negotiation, Cooperate Governance have been rated as Beijing Excellent Courses. And Marketing, Quality Management, Business Strategy Analysis, Management have been rated as Beijing Excellent Teaching Material or been listed in the Beijing Excellent Teaching Material Construction List. In 2007, Professor Song Keqin’s program—Study on Economics Colleges Practice Teaching Base Construction and Internship Management was rated as Beijing Educational Reform Research Projects. In 2008, Business Management major was rated as characteristic specialties of Beijing and the Business Management teaching group was rated as Beijing Teaching Team. In 2012, Lange Group Internship Base set by SBA was rated as Beijing University Student Training Base. In 2011, Professor Zhang xueping was named Beijing Outstanding Teacher.

In 2011, SBA implemented an enrollment reform, aiming at strengthening the application type and compound talents training. The College optimized the training process and mode thus formed a comprehensive system of classroom teaching, Practice base internship and business war practice. It realized a stepped, progressive and comprehensive training pattern. Led by the teachers, SBA students participated in many national-level contests, such as GMC International Contest, National Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students, Business Negotiation Contest, National Marketing Competition, and Peking University Business Simulation Contest. SBA has won 9 national-level awards and 2 regional-level awards.

5. Scientific Research:

The College has about 10 national-level programs, including national social sciences fund program, national natural scientific fun program, 40 regional-level programs. About hundreds of monographs were published and about 500 theses were issued on international famous periodicals such as Economic Research, Management World, SSCI, and EI. About 10 research achievements won College Humanities and Social Sciences award granted by China Ministry of Education and Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Award for outstanding achievements. Other 20 research achievements won prize granted by other provinces. The College attaches importance to the application of scientific research and plays a positive role in serving for the economic society. Many research achievements enlighten the government and enterprises’ decision, which are adopted and generalized by the government.

6. International Communication:

  In recent years, the College of Business Administration actively promotes the process of internationalization which focuses on four aspects—high-end international authentication, high level academic exchanges, student exchanges and personnel training cooperation in multi-channel mode, various forms of international co-operation in scientific research. After a few years’ efforts, the SBA has become a member of AACSB in Dec. 2010. The College also has established a long-term, in-depth academic exchange with University of Scranton, Wright State University of USA, Oklahoma City University, Dominican University, Eph Landseer University of Canada, Dublin City University, Japan Aichi University, Meijo University. Up to now, the College has invited about 13 foreign scholars to lecture in CUEB and sent 20 teachers to foreign country to give lectures and cooperative study. With an active promotion of multi-channel international communication, exploration of personnel training and international cooperation mechanism and innovation on international training model, the College of Business Administration has built up a multi-channel, various forms and all-round international exchange mechanism.

7. Campus life:

Based on the educational slogan of to obtain knowledge by investigation of things, mental models, SBA aims at improving the students’ overall quality and awareness of innovation. In addition in accordance with College’s situation, SBA creates an academic atmosphere so as to enrich students activities and respect student choices. It broads students horizon in an all-round way and enhances the level of expertise and students employment and entrepreneurship ability to promote communication between students and teachers. In this way, the excellent all-round development college students can be cultivated.

SBA attaches importance to creating academic atmosphere and practice education. Various forms of academic symposiums and lectures are organized by SBA and the College also encourages students to participate in various contests and many students achieved good results. For example, the business negotiation team instructed by associated professor Yang zhen won the 4th place and prize of Excellent Team in the Future Business Negotiations Elite Contest of National College. Student Sun Zhechuan won the title of the best negotiator. SBA won the 2nd award and Best Organization Award in GMC in China. In Capital logistics Contest of college students, two teams from SBA won the 1st and 3rd prize respectively.

SBA attaches importance to experimental teaching and has already built concrete training, internship and employment base with enterprises like Alibaba, Beijing Tongtian Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing Rockwood international logistics, Beijing times business alliance and consulting Co.,Ltd. The College organized about 200 summer internships projects and cooperated with Shuguang Group to promote college students entrepreneurship and employment.

After decade’s development, the College of Business Administration formed a pattern of Two wing on one entity. Students Associations such as Blue Ribbon volunteer service club, Business Administration Association, Mingda Inn, Star of the enterprise, Maya Meidia, BA debating team, Dance team, Chorus team, Drama Club, Basketball team and football team have colorful activities in different fields, which enrich students college life and offer a platform for the students to show themselves. 

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