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School of Safety and Environmental Engineering

CUEB School of Safety and Environmental Engineering has a history almost as long as the university itself. The School dates back to 1956 when the Ministry of Labor established the Class of Labor Protection at the School of Labor Protection. In 1958, Department of Labour Protection at Beijing College of Economics was founded and it was renamed Department of Safety Engineering in 1985. In 2005, the school of Safety and Environmental Engineering was officially established.

Currently, the School is composed of an engineering laboratory and three departments, which are Department of Safety Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering and Department of Industrial Engineering. It has five master’s programs, namely Safety Science and Engineering, Occupational and Environmental Health, Management and Engineering, Public Health, and Safety Engineering as well as one second-tier doctorate program in Safety Management Engineering. The School boasts a Beijing Distinctive Major and a Beijing Key Discipline, which are Safety Engineering and Safety Technology and Engineering respectively. There are three research institutes affiliated to the school — Institute of Safety and Environmental Science, Research Center of Construction Safety and Shibiao Research Center.

Currently, the School has 29 full-time teachers, of whom 57% hold doctorate degrees and 30% have studied overseas. Many of the teaching staff are from the expert panels of National Safety Production, Ministry of National Health, Beijing Safety Production, and Beijing Non-Coal Mine Safety Production. The teaching and research of the School covers the study of safety science basic theories, safety management, risk management, electrical safety, general machinery and special equipment safety, fire explosion and safety, construction safety management, city operational safety, labor health engineering, investigation and detection of occupational hazards, work-related injury insurance, basic industrial engineering and logistics engineering. The School has established a professional training system featuring a relatively complete set of disciplines and a multi-layered education structure encompassing undergraduate, academic and professional postgraduate as well as doctorate programs.

With the mission of “based in Beijing and contribute to capital and national safe production”, the School takes discipline development as a driving force and teaching as the focus of work, and it is dedicated to the education of high-caliber safety professionals who have solid knowledge foundation, innovative spirits and practical skill sets.

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