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School of Continuing Education

The Capital University of Economics and Business adult higher education degree programs began in the early 1980s, in 2009 it was officially re-named the School for Continuing Education. After 30 years of development, a complete and comprehensively developed system for adult higher education and continuing education has been established. At present, the School’s adult education and continuing education programs include more than 10,000 students. From 1981 to the present, the School has trained more than 30,000 graduates across its degree programs at various levels, and more than 50,000 students have enrolled in its various continuing education programs. The School’s adult higher education degree programs including part time , night school and full-time classes among others, and at various levels including undergraduate from high-school, undergraduate from vocational school, and vocational school from high-school, and offers 15 majors including accounting, business management, and human resources management.

Students who complete the required coursework with passing grades receive a nationally recognized graduate certificate from Capital University of Economics and Business; undergraduates who satisfy the Adult Education bachelor’s degree conditions of the State Council’s academic degree commission will be awarded the appropriate bachelor’s degree. To satisfy the various needs of society and contemporary economic development, the School has created various vocational training programs. To guarantee educational quality, the school is committed to continuously deepening reform, school management in accordance with the law, the school puts great importance on strengthening educational foundations and has put in place a complete regulatory system. After many years of hard work, the School has gradually established a unique style, achieving impressive educational results, earning a good academic reputation, earning the distinction of“excellent”from the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Ministry of Education on multiple occasions.