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2018 BNEO Annual Meeting and Fulfillment of Non-public Enterprises’ Social Responsibility Release Conference Held in CUEB

Author:Translated by Meng SH,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2018-01-15 Size:TTT

On January 6th, the 2018 Beijing New Economic Organization (BNEO) annual meeting kicked off in Zhuoyu Lecture Hall of CUEB, on which occasion the report on the fulfillment of non-public enterprises’ social responsibility was released. The event was sponsored by CUEB and the Social Work Committee ofthe Beijing Municipal Party Committee. The theme is “New era, New development and New mission”.

The annual meeting echoed the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Based on the “BNEO Annual Meeting” and the “Fulfillment of Non-public Enterprises’ Social Responsibility Release Conference”, guests and experts discussed social responsibility, system construction, development model, innovation path and other important issues of BNEO. With business community’s cooperation, the Research Institute of BNEO will become an important think tank of BNEO through synergy and interaction among governments, industries, academic and research institutes. It also provided decision consulting and intellectual support for better development of BNEO.

Subsequently, Chen Jianling, Deputy Secretary of the Social Work Committee ofthe Beijing Municipal Party Committee, read the list ofthe 2017 Top 100Enterprises, special awards and the best organizations awards of the comprehensive evaluation of the fulfillment of Beijing non-public enterprises’ social responsibility. The leaders awarded the winners with certificates and trophies.

Guests attended the conference also included Zhao Jigui, Lu Jian and Zhao Xuegang, members of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Directors of the Office of Beijing Social Construction Work. Related departments of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, some municipal-level hub social organizations, heads of district-level social work committees, members and executive leaders of the Research Institute of BNEO, as well as some teachers and students of CUEB also participated in the conference. Social media such as Qianlong.com made a report about the conference.

The Research Institute of BNEO, established in 2015, is a new type of think tank collaborating with research institutes and industries, academia and research institutes, which was co-constructed by CUEB, the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Beijing Yeshi Enterprise Group and other new economic organizations. The Research Institute of BNEO has made a series of achievements and important contribution to the municipal government decision-making and promoted the theoretical innovation and practical developmentin capital social construction. It is devoted to studying major theoretical issues concerning the coordinated development of economy and society, focusing on solving the real and prominent problems in the development of new economic organizations, and studying in depth the key and difficult issues concerning social construction, reform and governance in Beijing. Since 2016, it has focused on studying the important core issue of enterprises’ social responsibility. Every year, the top 100 Beijing non-public enterprises were selected and the Blue Book of Social Responsibility of Beijing Non-public Enterprises was published consecutively, which has exerted great impacton Beijing non-public enterprises with a number of research results being adopted by the relevant departments and instructed by the Beijing municipal leaders. Among them, Beijing Non-public Enterprises Social Responsibility Report (2017) received important instructions from Jing Junhai, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC. In 2017, according to the “New era, New development and New mission” for the development of the country and Beijing, the Research Institute of BNEO designed and updated the social responsibility evaluation index system for Beijing non-public enterprises that suits the requirements of the new era and encouraged enterprises to declare. After enterprises declaration, score calculation, expert evaluation and publicity, 100 non-public enterprises, 50 special award winners and 10 best organizations awardswere finally selected.

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