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CUEB Business Economics and French Undergraduate Programs Approved

Author:Translated by Yan Chunxue Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhong Peipei Publish:2016-03-21 Size:TTT

Recently, CUEB is approved to offer Business Economics and French programs for undergraduates, according to the Notice of 2015 Filing and Approval Results on Undergraduate Programs (Gaojiao Han [2016] No.2) by Ministry of Education. With a total of 43 programs endorsed by the Ministry of Education, CUEB has now grown into a multidisciplinary university with advantages in the subject areas of economics, management, law, literature, science, and engineering, of which economics and management are its core strength. The complementarity of these disciplines gives CUEB a cutting edge in graduating well-rounded professionals that meet the needs of Beijing economic and social development.

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