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Zhang Liancheng Honored “Talents Making Outstanding Contribution to Beijing”

Author:Translated by Yan Run Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhong Peipei Publish:2016-04-11 Size:TTT

Recently, Decision on Commending Science, Technology and Management talents making outstanding contribution to Beijing was issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Organization Department and Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. CUEB Professor Zhang Liancheng made the list.

Zhang Liancheng, born in April, 1951, Professor; Adviser for Doctoral Students; the recipient of Special Government Allowances by the State Council; Member of Expert Committee & Secretary General of Executive Committee, Chinese Economic Growth and Cycles Forum; Judge, China Economic Theories Innovation Award; Assessment Expert for National Social Science Foundation Projects; President of Chinese Academy of Economics Experiment; Vice-chairman of China Urban and Suburban Economy Research Center and China Business Economic Application and Management Research Center; Vice-chairman of Research Center of Foreign Economic Theories. His research mainly focuses on economic growth, economic cycles and macro-economic policies.

Beijing launched commendation and selection work on outstanding talents contributing to Beijing, aiming to implement development strategy for talents in Beijing, to award talents making contribution to the development of Beijing and to enhance building of high-level and leading talents. The selected are role models with both ability and integrity who play an important role in promoting science, technology and social development in Beijing and also in China.

By now, besides Zhang Liancheng, CUEB Professor Zheng Haihang and Wen Kui have also been included in the list.

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