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Delegate of State University of New York at Albany Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Yan Chunxue Proofread by ZhongPeipei Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-06-27 Size:TTT
On June 20th, CUEB Vice President Xu Fang met with Dr. Harvey Charles, Dean and Vice Provost of the Center for International Education and Global Strategy of State University of New York at Albany, in Bona Building.The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on launching inter-university cooperative programs.

Xu extended warm welcome to Harvey Charles. She pointed out that, with similar signature programs such as public management, social work, social welfare and security as well as accounting, there was huge potential for cooperation and she hoped the two sides would have more dialogues to reach specific cooperation intentionson student exchanges, faculty visits as well as research cooperation.

Dr. Harvey Charles spoke highly of Xu’s cooperative vision and gave a brief introduction to State University of New York at Albany, highlighting its long history, superior disciplines, strong research capability and its geographic advantage as the seat of the state government.

Afterwards, CUEB delegates, including Feng Xiliang, dean of School of Labor Economics, Li Baixing, deputy dean of School of Accounting, Zhang Jie, deputy dean of School of Urban Economy and Public Administration, Pan Na, head of the Department of Administrative Management, briefly introduced their schools’ international development and cooperation programs respectively. The two sides exchanged ideas and achieved a preliminary consensus on “2+2” joint education program for undergraduates, “3+2” program for undergraduates who are qualified to continue with postgraduate study, faculty visits and exchanges as well as research cooperation.

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