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CUEB Among National Top Five in International Journal Publication in 2015

Author:Translated by Zhang Yijie,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-09-19 Size:TTT
According to the latest "the ranking of world Economics research institutions", released by Tilburg University of the Netherlands (Tilburg University) in 2016, the number of high quality papers of CUEB published in the first top 35 Economics journals ranked the fifth among domestic colleges and universities and ninth among Asian universities, and ranked No. 81 among the economic research institutes around the world in 2015. CUEB surpassed the Stockholm School of Economics,, Arizona State University and Vanderbilt University which is 16th in the comprehensive ranking of American colleges and universities (see US News ranking 2015) and many other world famous universities.

Leaded by the strategic goals of the "domestic first-class university of finance and economics", CUEB International School of Economics and Management was founded in September 2012. It recruits internationally renowned scholars and excellent domestic and international economic management talents. The school is led by Professor Li QI, a "thousands of experts plan" member. Under the vigorous support from leadership in school and with the joint efforts of teachers and students, after nearly four years of development, the efforts obtained remarkable achievement. Since 2014 when CUEB ranked the ninth in China in the ranking of global economics research institutions released by Tilburg university of the Netherlands, again in 2015, CUEB made a breakthrough, the number of high quality papers in economics, international authoritative journal articles ranked not only top 5 in the national colleges and universities, but also into the top 10 in Asian universities, top 100 in the word, ranked ninth in colleges and universities in Asia and No 81 in colleges and universities all of the world.

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